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Personal Stats

Age: 19


Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Weight: 127 lbs (57.6kg)

Bust: 32G

Waist: 22

Hip: 37

Background: She lives in a border kingdom between the Eastern and Western kingdoms, which occasionally acts as a line of defense between them. It has prevented several large wars from breaking out in the past. Each generation marries into the opposite side the previous had, as a way to balance the kingdom’s loyalty. Meixiu is to marry someone from the Western kingdoms. As her father, the king, was found to be sterile, her mother found someone to sire a child. Her biological father was supposedly half-human, and has since died in battle. She’s been kidnapped repeatedly since she was 4 years old. Over 15 years, she has been captured for ransom, slavery, torture, rape, and other reasons. She has always been able to escape or be rescued, but she has developed an extreme fear, to the point of being completely paralyzed with fear whenever someone surprises her.

Physical description: She has brunette hair that she keeps in a bun or ponytail most of the time, and golden eyes. Her beautiful face is clearly of Eastern descent. She has multiple scars across her entire body from the many times she was kidnapped. She is not a virgin.

General personality: She is often scared, due to her multiple kidnappings as a child (she is always looking over her shoulders), but is very easygoing and caring otherwise.

Combat Stats


Favorite Weapon: Twin daggers Moon and Sun (a gift from her weapon master, enchanted with water and fire magic, respectively); Combat power: 85. (Using her speed, stamina, and dexterity, she attacks and dodges with extreme precision, and she uses the magic in her daggers better than her own master ever could)

Secondary Weapon: Throwing knives; Combat power: 59 (She knows where the best places to hit her opponents are, and she is extremely accurate, but that doesn’t mean she never misses.)

Unarmed Combat Power: 29. (She can take on most people with her aikido fighting style, provided they face her head-on, as surprise attacks always leave her too shocked to even think about fighting back.)


Strength: Low. (She can pull herself onto a rooftop, with some trouble.)

Speed: Unmatched. (She can outrun any pursuers she notices, and even dodge arrows.)

Endurance: Unmatched. (She can endure things the human body normally wouldn’t be able to (probably because of her biological father), and she has the scars to prove it.)

Willpower: Very High. (With the exception of her well-placed fears, her mind will not be swayed at the slightest.)

Magical Ability: Medium. (Though her own magical ability is low, she can utilize enchanted items extremely well.)


Offensive Spells: (Enchantment) Flaming Dagger: Can burn, set fire to, or heat a target.

(Enchantment) Watery Dagger: Can soak, drown, freeze, or cool a target.

Defensive Spells: (Enchantment) Ice Armor: Creates a suit of armor (or part of suit) which can, at the very least, lessen the amount of damage she takes.

(Enchantment) Fog: Uses Moon and Sun to create low visibility for escaping (or stealth attacks).

Practical Spells: (Enchantment)Moon: Douse, Water Ropes

(Enchantment) Sun: Ignite, Cauterize

Healing/Restorative Spells:

Restore Minor Injuries: Heals minor injuries like shallow cuts and scratches, minor burns and scalds, frostnip, etc.


Patience: Unmatched. (She’s learned patience from all the times she’s been kidnapped, waiting for the perfect chance to escape.)

Diplomacy: Medium. (With her kind attitude, she can easily convince many people, though some people just don’t want to be reasoned with.)

Intimidate: Absolutely None. (Quite the opposite of other nobles, she frightens very easily.)

Bluff: High. (She has quite a poker face, but she can’t hide when others surprise her.)

Charm: High. (She’s learned how to not attract others, and she knows how to attract others, though she does still accidentally attract others.)

Sneaking: Very High. (She’s learned how to escape from pursuers or kidnappers, which often involved a lot of get recaptured, giving her plenty of time to learn how to sneak around.)

Acrobatics: High. (She is very acrobatic, but her breasts often limit her ability.)

Tool Use: Unmatched. (She has been picking locks for as long as she’s been kidnapped.)

Survival: Very High. (She has often had to survive in the wilderness after escaping from kidnappers.)

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