Celeste/In front of the mirror

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So it finally happened; your father sold you to one of the lords who paid the most. My father knows the hand he has been dealt you think to yourself as you stand in your room looking at the mirror and try to calm yourself. After all you knew all along that you would be sold. And more beautiful you are, the greater your cost will be. You are not so naive as to believe that your father has taken your interests into account. His love for you - if he had felt any - has probably vanished the second he heard about the alliance, the riches or whatever he will get from marrying you to this unknown suitor.

You stand there wondering whether he was one of them who had come to your father to ask for your hand. You know it cannot be those few prestigious men who had dared to come before your father with their wish in spite of their lesser birth. You pitied those knowing what your father had in store for them. Maybe it is one of the nobles. You shiver at the thought as amongst them were some who had clearly raped you in their minds countless times judging by the look in their eyes.

Still while you have been tried to be kept isolated from most men by your father, you do not know enough about recent politics to make an educational guess. You heave a sigh. No use wondering. You just hope he is not a horny, old pile of filth who fancies himself a noble. But you are not comfortable with leaving the castle that you have been accustomed to for a new one with new rules to be evaded and new people to be evaluated.

Well, you won't have to completely rely on him. You made sure to be trained in the arts of sword. And the imprisonment that most would call being a princess has taught you to be silent and quick as a redheaded cat. You also learned who to trust and not to while picking up a few tricks along the way as you spent most of your nights away from the safety of your father's castle.

Your trained ears can distinguish the shy stable boy's quick footsteps and the heavy breathing of your personal body guard - or prison guard - Sandor. It is probably the time you get ready to meet your husband, so you call in the maids to dress you up in :

A black dress that reveals only the right curves to remain in between a seductress and an innocent virgin

An expertly sewn white dress that is rather conservative which will easily make people believe your untouched innocence

A quality leather armor which you would feel the safest while wearing. Although you are almost sure that you would not look prettier in addition to evoking your father's wrath

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Nervous Inventory:


Purse 00, 00, 00
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