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Personal Stats

Age : 18


height : 5'4" (164cm)

Weight : 122 lbs (55kg)

Bust : 36DD

Waist : 26

Hip : 38

Physical description : With her pale skin and straight dark crimson hair that both look soft to the touch although she has trained her body well and is athletic. She gives no hint of her personality except her piercing ocean-blue eyes. Her look may turn from innocent to flirtatious easily.

General personality : She has learned her ways of doing things as a result of her father's oppression. Rumors of demonic heritage about her doesn't help her to be friendlier.

She usually keeps her thoughts to herself. Tries to talk and act carefully with a sly wittiness. Prefers the unexpected way and always tries to know what people want to manipulate them if necessary. She rather stays unknown than to confront things.

To her real friends she has eternal gratitude and usually is playful and a smiling little angel around them. She even gets obedient in that kind of environment although she makes friends very rarely, as she is used to keeping secrets and doing things in a subtle way.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: A sword and a dagger (Although she is trained to use many different weapons she prefers the speed and the defensive versatility of a light sword in her main hand and a sturdy dagger in the other), Combat power : 35. (Really versatile use of her weapons although she is rather into her little tricks)

Secondary Weapon: Throwing knives (Her need to hide her weapons around with her and her delicate frame has made her choose this kind of knives to gain advantage over her enemies), Combat power : 55. (She has put a lot of effort into her throwing skills. Her talent could overcome almost all circus knife throwers)

Secondary Weapon: A small crossbow (Her emergency call, she sometimes has a little - almost a foot big - crossbow hidden close to her to pierce a sturdy armor), Combat power : 30. (She can perceive a weak spot in the armor and aim there fast but these are hardly crossbowmanship skills right?)

Trick Attack: A bag of sand/salt/flour (A trick she has been using since she were a child, she simply throws a handful of whatever is in her bag to distract or temporally blind her opponent), Combat power : ?. (It is rather easy to throw those from your little pouch as long as your hands are as fast as hers. And to remind; the salt burns the eyes more than sand and flour)

Unarmed Combat Power : 35. (she really knows how to fight dirty and how to use being short and slim to her advantage)

Abilities :

Strength : Medium. (Quite strong for a delicate girl. Never relies on it though because it is not so impressive in a battle.)

Speed : Unmatched. (Almost unmatched since she has been training her whole life for that and is physically very adequate for it.)

Endurance : High. (She is healthy. Not that she would last hours but she can endure weariness. Her little frame does not make her capable of going through very serious injuries though.)

Willpower : Very High. (She is mostly keeping her thoughts to herself and carves her own way out. She is vulnerable to the few that she trusts though.)

Magical Ability : Medium. (She has only tried to use some magical items so far apart from the things she could do as long as she could remember. But prefers not to and cannot control most.)


Offensive Spells :

Hellfire Blast : A really hurtful blast of flames which is the source of her otherworldly heritage in the first place. Works better close range. Combat power: 25. (When she can control it.)

Enhancements :

Aura of the Succubus : Activates out of control when she is really horny or turned on. She doesn't even know it happens apart from little things that she thinks to be mutual attraction. Combat power: Her charm becomes Unmatched and people close to her (no matter what their the sexual preferences or genders may be) become immediately attracted to her in an animalistic sexual way.

Eyes of the Dark Depths : Activates out of control when she stays in a dark environment for a while. She can see perfectly in the dark when her eyes get used to it. She believes that's how normal people see when their eyes get used to the darkness around them. Combat power: 0.

Mind-Affecting Spells :

Piercing Gaze : Activates out of control when she is angry or very determined. The beings that she makes eye contact with is distracted and stunned momentarily. Combat power: 40.


Patience : Very High. (Her whole life was through carefully calculated actions she can wait for the moment.)

Diplomacy : Very High. (More than the etiquette and manners, she knows how to manipulate people after a little time of observing them.)

Intimidate : Low. (She can act but prefers not to try to frighten people with innocent eyes and cute smiles of hers.)

Bluff : Unmatched. (She basically lives within a web of lies, without believing it herself if she chooses to.)

Charm : Medium. (She can be a seductress when she wants. But not without turning herself on too. People believing her isolated innocence doesn't help either.)

Sneaking : Very High. (She has perfected it getting in and out of the well-guarded castle many times.)

Acrobatics : Very High. (Her training has always been about physical prowess so she can walk on a rope making no sound.)

Tool Use : High. (She hasn't seen a trap that she can't deactivate but that is because she hasn't seen much and she has never seen a lock that she couldn't pick while a castle has usually the best crafted ones.)

Survival : Medium. (She would be too stubborn to die but that doesn't mean that she has really seen what wildlife is like.)

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