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So it finally happened; your father sold you to one of those annoying suitors who keep sending you useless gifts and annoying love letters. You have only ever felt disdain for the men who were introduced to you. While they met you they could hardly stop staring at your chest or just went red in the face. Sometimes they start stuttering and make a total fool of themselves, but at least they're funny.

And then there's the creeps who think women should be good and obedient. You generally show them just how dangerous an enraged mage can be.

You heave a sigh. No use wondering. You 'll have to wait until you meet him. Still, you have half a mind to make his life difficult just because no one asked for your opinion on this "marriage" - not that any guy would ever be found good enough if you were the judge...

Well, you won't have to completely rely on him. You made sure to gather yourself a nice little sum of money in case you ever needed it. If you wanted to, you could live out the rest of your life with these 2000 gold pieces without doing any work and still have better living standards than any peasant or even the servants in the castle.

You can hear the little people scurrying about below preparing your ride, so you call in the maids to dress you up :

A gorgeous, crimson dress that stuns anyone who looks upon it.

A black dress that makes you look like a cute little devil.

A mature, purple dress in wich you truly have the aura of a queen.

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Annoyed Inventory:

Mother's Wedding Ring(keepsake)

Purse 2000, 500, 00
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