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Personal Stats

Age : 19


Height : 5'3" (162 cm)

Weight : 114 lbs (54 kg)

Bust : 28D

Waist : 20

Hip : 30

Physical description : A slender red-head with green eyes. Although her arms are fairly skinny, they do contain enough muscles to slap someone to the the ground. Freckles lightly dot her sculpted face and arms, though her servants say she has some in other, more private, locations. Her legs are rather long, seemingly making up the majority of her height, ending in light, soft feet.

History : From a young age Anastasia was bored with princess life, longing for something more. When her father found out, he decided to pacify her by having a wise-woman teach her how to heal, believing it would help her when he eventually married her off to someone. The wise-woman, however, was actually a sorceress and taught Anastasia how to cast spells, brew potions and perform rituals instead. She also learnt how to raise animals, to ensure she always had a trusted companion. Her mentor died recently, however, under suspicious conditions. Regardless, Anastasia has tried to continue her learning in the Black Arts, using her mentor's books as her guide. However, with her mentor dead, her father has decided now is the perfect time for her to get married. He plans to announce the husband today.

General personality : Somewhat bored with princess life, she is at her happiest when reading a book or learning and casting spells. Though her relationship with her father has been rough, due to her future as a "prince-popper", causing her to be quite blunt with him. Her servants claim she is rather nice with them, making their lives easier when her father isn't looking.

Favorite colors : Black, Silver, Red, Green.

Hobbies : Reading books, studying scrolls and practicing the Black Arts.

Likes : Black Arts, animals and ancient scrolls.

Dislikes : Her father, ignorance and cruelty.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Unarmed Combat Power : 10. (Has never been in a real fight)

Special Abilities :

  • First Aid : She can use supplies, or magic in extreme circumstances, to stabilize someone's injuries.
  • Dispel : Attempts to disrupt an enemy's spell or magical defenses.

Abilities :

Strength : Low.

Speed : Medium.

Endurance : Medium.

Willpower : High.

Magical Ability : Very High. (The ability to cast spells/use enchantments)


A list of spells known by the character and their description. (see : The Spellbook)

Arcane Magic

  • Offensive Spells:
    • Arcane Bolt
    • Arcane Barrage
  • Defensive Spells:
    • Arcane Shield
    • Anti-Magic Aura
  • Healing Spells:
    • Life regain:

Sexual Magic (for extreme cases only!)

  • Enhancements:
    • Womb Storage (Spell Level: Experimental): Allows woman to carry items in their womb, producing no visible bulge. Done by placing a seal on the item being stored and on the skin over a woman's womb. Removal is done by touching the seal and thinking of the item to be removed.
    • Milk Shop (Spell Level: Low): Allows a woman's breasts to produce large amounts of milk without pregnancy. Nutritional value of milk depends on the ability of the caster. User requires plenty of hydration else may die of dehydration.
    • Hosed (Spell Level: Low): Increases the production of cum in target.
    • Lustful Soul (Spell Level: Low): Increases target's sexual stamina. Advanced users can go on for weeks.
    • Sinful Pleasure (Spell Level: High): Forces all of a target's pleasure senses to turn on at the slightest touch. Very easy for target to experience orgasm. If used long enough, target may suffer loss of personality.


Patience : High. (Ability to deal with annoying social situations, the lower this rating the more stamina will be drained by tiring social interactions.)

Diplomacy : High. (Ability to talk your way out of a situation/convince others.)

Intimidate : Low. (Ability to frighten others, get them to back down from a fight/threaten them into doing what you want)

Bluff : Low. (The ability to lie without anyone noticing, or hide your actual feelings. Doesn't necessarily mean you always do this, just that you CAN.)

Charm : Low. (The ability to arouse others sexually, consciously)

Sneaking : Low. (The ability to hide in the shadows and launch a sneak attack or avoid/observe the target.)

Acrobatics : Medium. (The ability to climb, jump over obstacles and rooftops, dance on a wire etc.)

Tool Use : Medium. (The ability to deal with mechanical contraptions - such as locks or traps.)

Survival : Low. (The ability to survive in the wilderness.)

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