Anastasia/In front of the mirror

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You are disappointed. You thought today was the day your father announced who your husband was. You didn't know today was the day he sent you away forever. What's worse, you have no indication of who your future husband is, meaning you are completely unsure of what he's like or why your father is marrying you to him in the first place. You only hope that he doesn't learn of your sorcery.

As you grew up in the castle, you grew bored with acting like a typical princess. Instead you wanted to do something more, something that defied common belief. As a result, your father hired a local wise-woman to tutor you in the art of healing. Little did he, or you, know at the time that this woman was actually a sorceress, with the ability to cast spells, brew potions and perform long dead rituals. When you walked in on her performing such a ritual, supposedly one to increase someone's life span, you begged her to teach you her way. Despite being hesitant at first, what with your royal lineage and all, she finally relented and decided to teach you.

Turns out you had a natural talent for the magical arts. With your learned tongue, you could easily cast ancient spells. With your beauty and connections, you could easily access the ingredients for potions. And with your years of patience, you could easily perform the longest and most powerful of rituals.

However, not long after you started practising the advanced arts, the wise-woman died, leaving you without a mentor or safety line to prevent you from casting ill-fated spells. Despite this, all of her possessions now belong to you, allowing you to still progress.

Enough pondering on the past, you think. Time to look to the future.

With that, you head towards your wardrobe. With the long journey ahead of you, you are unsure of what to wear. After much consideration, you decide to go with your:

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Disappointed Inventory:


Purse 00, 00, 00
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