Saya/In front of the mirror

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Taking a minute to collect yourself, you actually find yourself quite excited about going out into the unknown. Especially about meeting a man with whom you are allowed - even obliged - to go all the way.

You have long wondered what it would be like to be held in a man's arms and only your determination to make your family proud has allowed you to keep your virginity. Still, you couldn't resist playing naughtily with the soldiers or spying on the maids while they were with their boyfriends (sometimes even playing with the maids themselves - in front of their boyfriends). You have never allowed any of them to undress you or touch your private parts.

Although you are known to be playful, you are also quite respected. Your mother began teaching you swordsmanship at a young age. You have surpassed even her and established yourself as the best swordsmaster around. She also taught you the discipline of mind that grants you the graceful composure that entrances others and gives off an aura of serenity.

This combination of lust and grace has long caused a stream of marriage requests to be sent to your father.

Pulling yourself from your thoughts, you decide it is time to get dressed. You wear :

Your favorite : a not-so-feminine black leather armor that looks more dazzling on you than any dress. On your hip rests the flawless katana you inherited from your mother.

You decide to dress a little more feminine to make a good impression, putting on an elegant and seductive black dress. you put your katana in your luggage but keep it close at hand.

You decide it would be fun to be a helpless girl in the arms of a stranger and put on an innocent yet highly seductive dress that gives off an aura of vulnerability. Offcourse, your katana is never far...

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Excited Inventory:


Purse 50, 00, 00
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