Saya/Black Dress

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When you leave your room dressed in a very feminine dress, you hear some shocked gasps and see looks of surprise on people's faces.

Come to think of it, you probably never wore something this feminine since your mother passed away. She always liked to dress you up as a girl, even though she herself wore leather more often than dresses.

A flustered servant coughs to get your attention.

You turn and look him over. It's Willem, one of the stable boys. You know him quite well since you have a habit of sleeping in the stables with your horse. Your father and the maids kept telling you a lady shouldn't sleep in such a place. Until you dryly remarked "Does that mean mom isn't a lady?".

"Yes Willem?" you say while seductively brushing your hair aside.

The stable boy blushes a bit and stammers out "Y-your escort is ready my lady".

You suppress a giggle "I see. Tell them I'll be joining them shortly."

You wonder if you should go say your goodbyes to the people you know or just leave without any drama...

You :

Say your goodbyes to everyone

Say your goodbyes to a handful of people you like

Leave without a fuss

Health 100 Equipment:

Black Dress

Stamina 100
Mood Excited Inventory:

Mother's Katana

Purse 50, 00, 00
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