Persona Alexandra

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Personal Stats

Age : 16


height : 5'2" (157 cm)

Weight : 104 lbs (47 kg)

Bust : 28A

Waist : 20

Hip : 30

Physical description : _______________. (A description of her appearance)

General personality : __________________________________________(her most common behavior)

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: two Trench knife's like Daggers, Combat power : 34. (She knows what she is doing but lack in experiens.)

Throwing knife : 25

Unarmed Combat Power : 28. (good but not gret.)

Abilities :

Strength : High. (Your characters physical strength, used for moving heavy objects or taking down enemies.)

Speed : Medium. (Your characters movement speed, this allows running from slower enemies or pursuing them, as well as giving you an edge in battle.)

Endurance : Unmatched. (Usses blod magic whits is a pain so she is ust to beiging hurt.)

Willpower :High . (Usses blod magic whits is a pain so she is ust to beiging hurt.)

Magical Ability : Very High. (The ability to cast spells/use enchantments)


A list of spells known by the character and their description. (see : The Spellbook)

Offensive Spells : Rain of blod:

Defensive Spells : Blod Shield:

Summons : Deamon soldiors:

Deamon knight:

Enhancements : Blod lust:

Curses : Walking dead:

Practical spells : Life regain:


Patience : Low. (Ability to deal with annoying social situations, the lower this rating the more stamina will be drained by tiring social interactions.)

Diplomacy : None. (A sword is better than words)

Intimidate : Medium. (Ability to frighten others, get them to back down from a fight/threaten them into doing what you want)

Bluff : Medium. (The ability to lie without anyone noticing, or hide your actual feelings. Doesn't necessarily mean you always do this, just that you CAN.)

Charm : High. (She can seduce allmost enyone but she hate to do it)

Sneaking : Unmatched. (The ability to hide in the shadows and launch a sneak attack or avoid/observe the target.)

Acrobatics : Very High. (The ability to climb, jump over obstacles and rooftops, dance on a wire etc.)

Tool Use : Limited. (The ability to deal with mechanical contraptions - such as locks or traps.)

Survival : High. (The ability to survive in the wilderness.)

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