Sareyna/In front of mirror

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You wake up from a slumber. The morning light strikes through your window and you turn your face away. *Why today? And why now?* you think, as you recall what your father said the previous night about finding a suitor for you to not only keep you safe (not that protection is something you desperately need), but to keep you from going to far in exploring your desires.

You decide to look back out the window. It certainly looks like a pleasant day. Perhaps things will be ok. Suddenly, there is a knocking at your door. You jump slightly as you bring the covers up over your unclad form. "Yes?" you say, hoping they don't come in.

The voice of one of the maids resounds through the door. "I just wanted you to know that your father has set early plans for your leave dear. He wants you ready in an hour and prepared to depart to your suitor."

"Very well," you say, a tad bit annoyed. You then hear light footsteps departing from your door.

You sigh as you get out of bed. You're naked and you stand up facing the mirror. You see the beauty of both your father and mother in your very being. Your father's eyes resemble the hidden magic that you have been learning to control the past few years. A crystal shade of blue evident in them. As your eyes travel down, you notice your lips, a bit dry at the moment. You lick them to give them a feminine moist to them. Your eyes then travel down your neck, to your shoulders. You have a feminine build, but it isn't a weak build. Your very evident breasts hold a wonderful posture as you do your best to look as shapely as possible. Your eyes travel even farther downward and you remark on your shapely legs and hips. Overall, you're pleased with yourself and you don't wish to eye the mirror any further. You look for some appropriate attire to wear for the journey. But what to pick?...

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Dutiful Inventory:


Purse 50, 00, 00
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