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You pick out a silky dress that you only wear in your free time. It give you some room for your legs to breathe a bit, and still enhances your figure in the best possible ways. Your smooth calves are shown, as the waist of the skirt hugs your body. The dress has thin straps to hold up the top half, leaving an interesting show of your assets.

You take the armor and blue dress and put them in a chest of your belongings. You're taking some things with you, that is to be sure. While traveling light is always a good idea, in this case, you want to be prepared. You also put in your sword, handed down your family's line. Being that your father had no son, he blessed you with the use of this ancestral sword. You also put your hidden money that you have saved up (+100 Gold) within this chest. You decide to take some extra clothes, including a nightgown so you know you'll have some comfort of home.

You look back in the mirror and decide to keep your hair down. No need to put it up now. After all, you're feeling a bit playful at the moment.

You realize that you're a bit hungry and breakfast is probably being served. But you also have an hour to do anything you wish to really. Perhaps a bath? Perhaps some time in town first? Or perhaps you should see your father soon, so you can get this show on the road?

Do you:

Leave your room to head for breakfast.

Head outside to the communal baths within the castle for a bath

Take a more secluded and scenic route and head for the river outside the castle for a bath.

Visit some shops in town

See your father to get more instructions.

Health 100 Equipment:

Ancestral Sword

Stamina 100
Mood Playful Inventory:

Blue Gown, Leather Armor, Nightgown

Purse 150, 00, 00
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