Safira/In front of the mirror

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You are excited, Today is the day I meet, or at least learn, my new husband you think, practically giddy with anticipation. You hope that you don't scare him off when you meet. Most people don't seem to like you at first. You don't really know why. You have lusterous black hair and a pale, but regal, skin-tone. Maybe it's the blood red eyes, you think to yourself, or maybe it's the fickle moods, or the temper. You feel like those may contribute to that. Oh well, he wouldn't have chosen me if he didn't want to marry me. At least he would treat me nice. You think I hope, you add as an afterthought. You decide to get your clothes out and on before you accidentally blow something up, as you are prone to do. You know that your dreams of a perfect prince are just that, dreams. Your dreams have a tendancy to come true, though.

You decide to wear:

A beautiful dress made from the skin of leopards, and your katana sheath on your back

A beautiful blood red dress, with your katana at your hip

A dull brown armor of enchanted leather from a werewolf, katana on back and 3 hidden sheathes for shurikens

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Giddy Inventory:

Grand Katana

Purse 00, 00, 00
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