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Personal Stats

Age : 16


height : 5'10"

Weight : 120 lbs

Bust : 32A

Waist : 32

Hip : 36

Physical description : Pale skin, long, jet black hair, and blue eyes (that turn red when she's excited, whether sexually, happily, angrily, or just plain excited) with a usually curious, and sometimes ferocious look that always has a slight hunger.

General personality : Fun loving, but a little unstable with her temper, outgoing until it comes to sex, where she is completely clueless.

Combat Stats

Weaponry :

Favorite Weapon: Katana with enchanted jewels in base of blade, multicolored, and on the bottom of the handle, blue.(blade stone charges blade with different elements, hilt stone allows the user to shoot lightning like a staff)

Combat power : 45 melee, 24 magic, 69 total. (Powerful swordsmistress and competant mage)

Secondary: Chain blade (A long, thin blade attached to a chain that she uses swiftly like a sharp flail, enchanted with a Freezing Touch spell and a Force Pulse spell) Power: 30

Unarmed Combat Power : 25. (Learned special techniques for disabling opponents using pressure points)

Abilities :

Strength : Medium. (Loves to dish out hits, building a wiry, sinuous frame with more strength than it appears.)

Speed : High. (Runs with the wolves on occasion, they let her because the only wolf with enough bravery to attack her became the main course that night.)

Endurance : Low. (used to dodging and quick finishes)

Willpower : Low. (There has always been a curiosity to her, making her easily tempted and (if needed) seduced.)

Magical Ability : Medium. (Knows how to enchant, but only knows basic to intermediate spells.)


A list of spells known by the character and their description. (see : The Spellbook)

Offensive Spells : Tsunami, shocking touch, wind slash, wind rush, arcane missle, and arcane barrage

Defensive Spells : Wind ward, static shield, arcane ward

Enhancements : Wind Walk, Avatar

Curses : Weaken and slow

Practical spells : Water ropes


Patience : Limited. (Short attention span and can't sit still.)

Diplomacy :Medium. (Can talk her way out of some things, but will use mind magic if needed or convenient.)

Intimidate : High. (Can throw a rhino across the room and she has blood red eyes with a curious hunger, not exactly lovable is she?)

Bluff : Unmatched. (Her second favorite thing to do, behind fighting of course.)

Charm : Limited. (Knows nothing about sex, but draws a lot of attention with her intrigueing red eyes.)

Sneaking : Low (Inability to sit still greatly hampers this.)

Acrobatics :High. (Has the grace of a cat, and kitty has claws *metaphorically*.)

Tool Use : Medium. (Knows enough about common armor to either lock it up or knock it off completely.)

Survival : High. (Look at her, she's awesome.)

She is very fun loving, but doesn't know anything about sex. She loves to fight, and pretty much treats life as a game. She rarely draws her blade if she can help it. Her favorite thing to do with weaker, or at least slower, opponents is grab their weapons and knock them out with them. She sometimes gets carried away if angry, not really paying attention, or if it's a strong opponent. Most people don't survive her getting carried away.

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