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Can anyone help me? I cannot find my new princess's name on the list! -User:Freya0722

The title is wrong it should be "Life of a fantasy princess". Considered creating new adult story but my ideas seems to fit here fine.

I am planning on doing a Amelia/Crimson Dress story arch. Will check here for any comments.

Also I find the Sydney name seems wrong to me. I would like to do a "Sydney" story but I would like to change her name. Is this ok? -Vipeout

Back again after being away for quite a while. I should (hopefully) have some free time now to advance the story, don't know what exactly I'll be working on yet but I think I'll start with Mia's gladiator arc for now.

Feel free to add an amelia/Crimson Dress story arc - I have no plans in mind for it as of yet.

Sydney isn't mine and I do not know who added this character. Feel free to edit her storyline, as for the name : it would be good manners to ask her creator if you know who that is, if not however, it can't be helped. If the person in question is still around and feels strongly about it they'll probably change it back and/or complain.

PS : Please don't change the names of the first four characters (Arturia/Saya/Mia/Amelia) These are the four I originally created and have grown quite fond of since :-)


Hello, I have enjoyed this story and was wondering if I could edit it. My goal would be to continue Arturia's story. If this is okay please let me know and if there are any story lines you wish me to follow add that as well. One more thing, I would also like to add another character and work off that if you wouldn't mind. Thanks much and respond soon.


You can edit / add as you see fit. I plan to get back to it eventually, but aside from vague ideas i never really plan the story ahead anyway so i'll just go with the flow and maybe take some inspiration from other people's contributions while i'm at it.


I enjoy TLoaMP very much, and have created a Princess that I want to add. I'm not entirely sure if I should though, as she would be of an Eastern (Chinese) heritage, but living in the (European) area. (By the way, the maps are down.) ~OmegaScales~

An eastern origin isn't really a problem. Saya is also half-eastern in origin (Saya's mother's country is - as some may have figured - based on feudal Japan) If she is a full-blood Chinese, you could have her be an adopted child from a close friend of the father - for example.

Also, I may release a more complete version of the game on an engine like RAGS or something similar. That would also enable some form of battle-system.

I did write far more content for the game than is currently available on the site, but it's a little difficult to work with parameters in this format and I don't like copying pages - I'll make sure to leave a link here if I do. I still have to figure out how RAGS works or find an easier engine tho (could take some time as I have a full-time job to consider..) I may try Twine, see how that works out.

Twine has a much better overview, but still no real parameter handling. It wouldn't allow any real battle-system, but it would be decisively easier to keep track of..

RAGS definitely allows a battle-system, but I can't seem to find a tutorial for the right version (using 2.4 atm.) and it's a major pain to figure it out as I go. Might be kinda worth the effort tho.

I may still update some of the paths on the site If I get around to it.

As for the maps, I only ever made a rough sketch of the land's layout - I'll need to make a bigger and different map to accommodate certain things I added since. Tho that's not really high priority atm. as I or other contributors may yet come up with new countries/locations to add ;-)


Hi, I would really like to continue the Saya Innocent dress storyline if that's okay with everyone. I would really appreciate critiques/edits rather than just having my work deleted because I took the time to write it

Also I love this story I think you guys are great!


I never continued the innocent dress storyline myself, so go for it.

the ones I did continue are mostly Saya-leather armor, Ruairi and warlord arcs. and the Mia - Gladiator arc. (tho not exclusively)

Besides, if I do have my own continuation of a storyline someone else already edited I'd probably just add a separate path. (no need to delete anything) The only content I would ever delete is stuff I can't stand lol (which is pretty much limited to bimbofication and scat, tho there may be other things I can't think of right now.)


I may change the currency system to only one and give it a name. Possibly adding multiple currencies for the different countries.

name I am currently considering for the main country's currency : Aruns. (no idea where that name came from)

I have no ideas for the other currencies, or if i will even implement them. Any ideas are welcome. For some I will probably use the old currency of the country they are based on. Fictional country name ideas are also welcome as I have not yet settled on a name for the main country (or any of the other countries). Tho i might end up calling it "Arun" after it's currency.

Countries I have in mind (I am making a back-story and identity for these countries before implementing them into the story.):

(I'll move the below to another dedicated page when I get around to it)

The main Country (50% finished, name = Arun?, Map = I made a raw sketch, but probably gonna change it a bit, Currency = Aruns)

Allied Countries ideas:

1 Based on feudal Japan. Their Samurai are superior over most nations in both close quarters and with the bow as well as highly mobile. The result of a lifetime entirely dedicated to the art of war. They are low in number however. Their general troops are called Ashigaru, little more than armed peasants with basic training - can be quite effective in large battles, especially with pike formations. They are a reliable ally but have some internal troubles with a large religious cult threatening to cause civil war. (20% finished, no name, no map, Currency = masu(one day of rice),koku(one year of rice)? rice quantities, intend on not really using coins in this country. Tho they do have the concept and trade with foreign coin occasionally. Aruns are accepted almost everywhere in the country for small purchases.)

1 based on colonial Britain with baby-shoes gunpowder. They still rely mostly on swords and halberds. Expansionist, but with a low population number. Mostly interested in economical exploitation of the weak. Strongest Naval force in the known world, but almost no real ground troops. they rarely ever use cavalry. They have the same religion as the one causing trouble in Japan, which may lead to 'friction' in the near future. (10% finished, no name, no map, currency = pounds?(£))

Neutral countries :

1 loosely based on France picturing them as more interested in love and (short-lived) romance than warfare. They have a stable economy and many rich nobles. Everyone that is not a noble is generally kept poor and oppressed however, leading to tensions among the populace that are repressed by force. They are a proud and chauvinistic folk, especially the nobles, who are often seen as downright arrogant. They are neighbors of Arun. They have been both allies and enemies in the past and are somewhat unreliable. Often they decide with emotions rather than logic and are unpredictable. They have excellent knights, Heavily armed mounted warriors with powerful charge and strong melee. Their infantry however, is rather unreliable and comprised largely of sellswords. It shares Britain's religion, tho they differentiate on certain matters. (20% finished, no name, no map, Currency=Florins?)

(no evil intent so please don't hate me North Koreans who read this, it's a work of pure fiction - economically and historically, I know little of Korea and it doesn't matter -> Fiction.)

2 Based on South/north Korea in it's current situation painting North Korea as a rather Warlike Aggressor. ofcourse, they use medieval weaponry. Their warriors are fierce, but undisciplined and often badly trained and equipped. The northern part is connected to the mainland and has more experience with warfare and a higher number of troops due to the barbarian clans on it's borders. While the richer south can afford slightly better gear but it's armies never saw a battle up close. They used to have a peaceful relationship with the more fertile southern lands supporting the north against the barbarians, but the new ruler of the North intends to unify both countries under his banner. (20% finished, no names, no map, no currency)

1 Based on China. It's a bit further away and has an immensely large territory, it is however split up in 7 major clans and the emperor lacks the power to keep them in check. their borders are threatened by hostile barbarians and savage orcs, kept at bay by one of the greatest wonders of the world : a wall that runs along the entire border of the country and protects it from any outside invasions. The only way to attack it without scaling this wall is to attack by sea. Like the vikings do with great success as their navy is weak. The great river That marks the defense line against the Orcs is also the favorite raiding ground of the vikings, allowing them to reach China fairly easily if they go a bit further. (5% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

1 Based on Russia. An isolationist country with harsh climate and harsher people. They make some of the best, or at least most intoxicating beverages in the known world. They are also known to drink them in large quantities. Their poor soil and harsh living conditions make it hard for them to muster and maintain the forces needed to expand their territory, however anyone who has ever attacked them.. never tried again. Okay, except for those brain-dead Orcs but who counts them.. right?(5% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

3 based on Sparta, Athens and Macedonia :(10% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

Sparta is renowned for the prowess of it's hoplites, heavily armored melee infantry using a spear and large round shield. The shield often being a deadlier weapon than their spears. Few other nations can match the Spartans in close quarters, though they have few and weak supporting troops. They aren't really aggressive, but do demand tributes from many of the neighboring city-states. Since they lack any economical or industrial skill, these tributes form the main source of their income. Those paying tribute to them do not hate them however, as the Spartans are a fierce and reliable ally. They have crushed even the largest invasions against any of their tributary allies.

Athens is allied with (the country based on Arabia) and heavily involved in it's internal politics. Their army is weak and full of sellswords. they are paying tribute to the Spartans to avoid war since the mercenaries they would need to fight Sparta would cost them a lot more than the tribute. They have a strong navy however, and dominate the local trade routes. This makes them a financial heavyweight and a force to be reckoned with.

Macedonia is an ambitious nation to the north of Sparta and Athens. They are currently the only one in the vicinity defying the Spartans. They used to pay tribute, but their ambitious new king seeks to overthrow the Spartans and unite all city states under Macedon's banner. While the Macedonian army is strong, they now have a war with almost all of their neighbors on their hands. Not to mention the undefeated Spartans are moving to punish their defiance. It's new ruler will need to prove that his genius matches his ambition if he is to overcome the perilous situation he has plunged his country into, or he risks being betrayed by his own kinsmen.

1 Based on Rome, an "Empire" that is currently still in it's infancy. They have conquered their neighbors and are now looking to conquer and expand their borders even more, threatening all kingdoms nearby, including (Arun?), (Arun's enemy?) and (country based on France). Their success is mostly because of a new form of warfare they have developed. They use massive shields and may form up in "testudo" formation to walk trough a rain of arrows with minimal casualties. Aside from that, their short, sharp blades can be used for deadly stabs once they have closed in using their massive shields to protect themselves. They are heavily armored and their training and discipline make them very difficult to kill, even though they are head and shoulders smaller than the people of Arun. A worrying new threat indeed, though it seems they have set their eyes on conquering some of the barbarian clans before they turn their attention towards more powerful countries. A preemptive strike against them might be a good idea, but Arun is in no position to start a war with them right now. With some luck, the (country based on France) might attack them. Though they have recently made heavy fortifications in the mountain ranges on their northern border which may make an attack very difficult already. (20% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

1 Loosely based on the Moorish invasion of Spain : One of the most influential merchants from (country based on Arabia) has gathered a massive army of sellswords and made himself a foothold to the south of Arun. The Area in that vicinity is populated by a large number of warring clans who don't really have an absolute ruler and he means to conquer all of these clans in one fell swoop. Ofcourse, those clans aren't retarded and already there are many who put aside their differences to face this new threat together. However the Arabian army is great and if they do not rally together all of the clans fast enough, The Arabian slave trader just might establish a new Empire indeed. Arun looks on worriedly, for they would definitely NOT enjoy slavers for neighbors.

Hostile Countries :

1 is similar to (Arun?) (central Europe, with no particular country's cultural identity) This is the Arch-enemy of the main country. Though a ceasefire was declared recently, no-one expects it to last very long. (20% finished, No name, no map.)

1 Based on the Vikings, it's not really a country but more like a territory full of warlike clans who only get along if it's about raiding and pillaging their neighbors. They aren't (Arun's?) neighbors, but they still like to raid it's shores occasionally. Their warriors are fierce, savage and surprisingly well-equipped. They are merciless and spare none who oppose them. Some may occasionally serve as mercenaries for other countries. They do not use cavalry and are somewhat vulnerable when caught out in the open by a mounted force. (20% finished, no name, no map, might use bartering with goods instead of currency.)

1 is a bit unique, far-off country loosely based on crusaders. 100% of the population are albinos (snow white skin and blood red eyes). Their appearance is called beautiful by some and repulsive by others. They dislike letting foreigners in their borders and usually keep to themselves. They are usually taller than the average person, even their women. They use Greatswords and bastard swords for the most part and can overwhelm their foes with brute strength and great reach. They also have some of the thickest armor. They use deadly crossbows, a normal person would have to be very strong or very familiar with crossbows to use them. Half-breeds take on the appearance of either parent fully and are indistinguishable from the pure-blooded. They are traditionally enemies of (The country based on Japan) and by extension also enemies of Arun. Though they rarely bother Arun directly. They are more hostile towards Britain and declared their religion to be Heresy, launching several large-scale 'holy' campaigns against them in the past. (20% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

3 are based on the Teutonic knights order, pagan Lithuania and Poland. (country based on France) is in between them and Arun. Still, the savagery of the Teutonic order is of some concern to Arun, as they too follow a different religion and could be their next target. That is why they are supporting Lithuania in secret, though this might lead to complications with the (country based on France) as they are allied to the Teutonic order. Bordering the conflict area on the other side is another country that follows the same religion as the Teutonic order. However, since many of their peasants still worship their old gods they have suffered several raids from the overzealous order and their relationship is strained. If the order continues it's savagery, war is inevitable. (10% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

1 is based on Arabia, featuring it as a hub of trade, wealth and corruption. Not always the most desirable trade either. They are heavily involved in both drug trade and slavery. While not openly at war with Arun, it's slavers often raid the more remote areas, as they do everywhere in the known world. Their warriors are driven by greed for the most part and their army is more of a collection of the personal troops of the wealthiest traders than a real army. They also use armed slaves as cannon fodder. They primarily use scimitars, lighter than swords and meant to cut trough flesh rather than armor. Or bone for that matter. They barely ever use armor due to the overly hot environment. Their territory stretches across giant deserts, many a nomadic clan wanders within their territory and not all of them pay tribute. Those who don't face skirmishes frequently, though they are strong enough that a full-scale attack would be too costly. Not to mention that they would simply get the hell out of there before the army fully mobilizes. While they are officially ruled by a figurehead emperor, they are far from unified and even if you ally with one of their factions, it does not always guarantee the others will respect that treaty. Most other countries want as little to do with them as possible, though they cannot ban them completely since they basically rule the trade market. (20% finished, no name, no map, no currency)

The barbarian tribes : To the east of (the country based on France) there are many barbarian tribes. They were never conquered because the soil in their territory isn't really worth it and beyond them lurks the constant danger of the Orcs. So the people of (the country based on France) figured it was better to just let the barbarians be and have them keep the Orcs out of their lands, establishing friendly relations with most of them. Between the Viking raiders and the Orc raiders, these tribes are a hardy lot and seasoned warriors to the last. If dirt poor and lacking equipment.

The Orc Hordes : To the east, the orkish hordes dominate the wastelands. Foul creatures, stupid, but with a wicked cunning. They vaguely resemble a man, but their green leathery hide and savage stupidity make any human nation unwilling to acknowledge them. While there have been military expeditions against them, no nation would truly want to settle these lands. And the Orcs can threaten any of the civilized countries if they band together to launch an invasion. If ALL Orcs ever banded together their numbers would be near infinite. Luckily, the chances of that happening are not high enough to bother worrying about it.

Sketch of the known world in TLOAMP : File:Http:// Rough Sketch.html

I intend to finish Chapter 1 Before releasing anything further (Chapter 1 Ends with marriage or something similar to it. So I basically mean to get all paths to the marriage event before releasing. Some paths may get there quickly, some will take forever.)


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