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When the fiery moon rises and the frozen sun sets, then the war between good and evil shall come to an end. Until then I, the guardian of both heaven and hell, the keeper of destruction and bringer of peace, shall dream these lives to death and freedom.
Also, BANANAS! Sorry, I like to do or say random things from time to time. Try not to dwell on it and we will all be good.

+Infinity is a story I started in the adult section because of two reasons. One, I imagine that people don't like to bottle all their thoughts, so I would give them a chance to unburden themselves. Two, I have a rather "expansive" imagination, and wanted to not limit what to add to the story. Three, I am a very "fun" guy and I want others to share in my "fun". Oh wait, that's three reasons... whatever.

I love your story "+Infinity"! I believe it will make for a hugely prosperous wiki. I will continue to edit it. Keep up the good work! --Impalalevi1

I love your story aswell. I have spent quite a lot of time editing it and making it as sex filled as I can :) -- EnduringLeedles

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