Bridgette/In front of the mirror

From Create Your Own Story

After waking gracefully from your comfortable, and lavish white bed. The room was illuminated by the dawns light. You are standing before your loyal maids, naked, as was normal occurrence for you. Being raised around loyal subjects for your entire life, you don't know any different. The servants in the castle adore you. You are seen as their voice in higher society, someone to speak out for them. You are loved by all in the land and are known for being a fair and just successor to the crown. There are three maids lined before you offering three different dresses for you to choose from and wear during he days ventures. A red dress, a white dress, and a black dress. After a lot of consideration. You decide upon..

The red dress to show your cuteness and draw attention.

The tight white dress, sure to attract attention from men as it clings close to your round butt and shows a lot of breast.

The black dress, to radiate your elegance and sophistication.

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