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You are visibly shaking in front of the mirror, your eyes widened with fear and anxiety. You have known for some time this day would come, but at the thought of actually leaving everything behind and being at the mercy of a man you know nothing about, tears threaten to flow from your eyes.

You were always a shy, withdrawn girl. Boys saw you as cute and adorable, but in reality, you were terrified of them.

Never having left the castle before, you simply can't get yourself to calm down in this situation. After minutes of panic alone pass, the maids rush into your room.

They try their best to reassure you and tell you they'll be there to protect you still since they are, of course, coming with their lovely mistress. This makes you feel slightly more at ease, knowing you will at least be surrounded by your kind and friendly maids.

After they finally managed to stop your uncontrollable shaking, they pull out a dress they brought for you to wear :

A cute frilly white dress.

A somewhat more daring (tough still extremely innocent) blue dress

A beautiful red dress that makes your face blush in a matching color

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Nervous Inventory:


Purse {{{Gold}}}, {{{Silver}}}, {{{Copper}}}
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