Arturia/In front of the mirror

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You are a proud girl, always putting the needs of your country first. Therefore, you did not complain about marrying an unknown man for the sake of your family and country. You hide your nervousness and worry deep inside while showing others a strong smile and assuring them you'll be okay. You only wish you were as certain of that as you told them.

A proud knight and the equal of any man on the battlefield, you have a strong sense of duty and justice. treating the lower classes fairly and protecting them from corrupted officials, but also being merciless to those who break the law or tell lies has earned you the reputation of a fair but strict ruler.

Your soldiers and servants are fiercely loyal to you. They know that you value them as friends rather than subordinates. Still, they keep the respectful distance required between a member of the royal family and the lower class.

You quickly collect yourself, heave a quiet sigh and reluctantly get dressed for your trip.

'No use standing about' you think 'I better make the best of this, for me and my country both.'

You decide to wear :

A light, white-blue dress, sporting an elegant blade on your hip you are ready to face whatever is to come.

A more feminine, silky white dress that allows you to wear a hidden blade for emergencies.

The beautifull white dress embroidered with gold and silver your mother provided for you. It completely impairs any fast movement, but you hide a small dagger in the folds anyway, if just because it makes you feel better.

Health 100 Equipment:


Stamina 100
Mood Nervous Inventory:


Purse 50, 00, 00
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