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Pit By Genre--Adult stories

Currently (WIP)

The adult section of the Pit of Abandoned Stories has grown so large that, for browsing purposes, I've organized them by genre. Reader discretion advised of course. If you find something detestable, there's always the (x) button at the corner of your browser.

I have starred (★) works most worth reviving.


Knights, castles, and magic. Also a couple supernatural stories.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Angorea 2 # -The author built a fantasy world but didn't bother to write the story for it.
Another World 10 rape, big dick -Your penis suddenly grows abnormally large, and you're swept away to a fairytale land where you're the king. Oh, and all the ladies in the fairytale have E-cup titties. Bad grammar.
Arisen Anew 3 demon -You're a demon who revels in pain and destruction. Story has an impressive status bar. Grammar could use some work.
Assassin's Guild 4 # -(none)
Awaylands 7 # -Too many fourth-wall breaks.
Barbarian 8 # -Base of this story is pulled from a roleplaying forum (though the author of "Barbarian" neglected to credit it...)
The Cage 12 vampires -Debated whether or not to star this one. It's alright, but I hate this text formatting with a passion.
Camp Half-Blood 7 Greek gods, rape -Congratulations, you're a demigod.
Demon Rune 4 demon, angel -Just background, no story.
A Demon's Gift 5 demon, transformation -The excessive text formatting made my eyes bleed.
Dracula 5 vampire, femdom -Get tortured by the wives of Dracula. Not sure if femdom is the correct tag.
Dreams of Desire 2 # -A dream world you visit when you're horny.
Dungeons of lust 4 # -(none)
Eris of the Red Lions 6 futa You're a futa on a planet full of women and other futas. Also magic and stuff.
Fantasy World 6 furry -I put this in fantasy because, as much as you can end up playing a cat-girl, other plot options are available. And this might be part fanfiction too (if "Strider" is in fact Aragorn).
The Kingdom 5 rape, slave -Play as a tyrannical prince and bend all of the peasant damsels to your will. A high-quality stub-- good writing and compelling storytelling. If you're going to adopt it, character ages will need adjustment.
A Knight's Quest 16 # -A well-organized, aptly written stub. Worth digging out of the pit if you've got the time.


Stories centered around anthropomorphic animals.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Another Furry World 22 straight, gay, futa -A fantasy where you can teleport from the real world to the "furry world." Seems based off of Furry World.
Kemonomimi Adventure 5 mind control, transformation -You transform from a high-school boy into a sexy cat-girl and are forced by your mistress, Sydney, to service anyone who wants you.


Based off of popular celebrities, movies, books, or other media.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Agent 069 2 # -Inspired by an erogame of the same name at
Alex Rider 3 # -Nothing written in this story yet, just character selection options.
All-Star Batman And Robin 3 # -Set up to be a generic Batman story, but that's not what's written here. Crazy Steve, a loud homeless man, assumes the role of Batman after winning the lottery.
Anime Neighborhood 3 anime -You, a normal person, get to go to school in the neighborhood where all anime characters live. Only two anime characters so far are red links from Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho.
Archie's Tale 3 # -A Smutty Sex Romp spoof where Archie is the main character. Nothing special.
Arthurian Fantasy 6 # -(none)
ASSassin's Creed 1 # -(none)
Avatar: Tsu'Tey and the wanderer 2 anime, gay, soft rape -You, Jake Sully, rub one out of your sleeping friend, Tsu'Tey.
Bleached 13 anime -(none)
Brain Bleached 15 anime -(none)
Divas Choose Your Own Adventure: Intercontinental Coozing 6 girl on girl WWE chicks tryna get some. Not exclusively lesbian, but not much else written yet.
Doctor Who: Smutty Edition 1 # -No narrative, just a title page. Maybe these articles should be deleted.
Drake's Uncharted 13 # -(none)
DRAMAtical Murder: Text Version 6 gay, rape -A text-based rendition of the Japanese visual novel DRAMAtical Murder.
Eastbound and Down: Shelby County Gone Wild 8 # -(none)
Final Day of Carmacks Team: The Prequel to the Doom Movie 3 # -(none)
Freelancer: The Universe of Possibility18 # -Based off of the game


Halo: Fucking Evolved4 # -(none)
Happy Fucking Games!5 # -Like the Hunger Games but you have sex instead of killing each other.
iCarly: iAm Horny 17 # -Makes me want to die.
In The Life Of: The Kane Chronicles 3 # -Ever heard of the Percy Jackson series? This fanfiction is based off of a less popular series by the same author.
Kim Possible Sex Adventure 1 # -(none)
KPOP Love Story 16 # -A dating-sim esque story. Only a couple K-pop groups are written so far, and none of them very completely.


And step-incest too, I suppose.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Adventure Ace 2 father/daughter, Halloween -Only enough pages to imply a direction. No sex written yet. Poor grammar.
As A Family 9 brother/sister -(none)
Daddy's College Adventures 4 father/daughter -(none)
A family tale of corruption 3 brother/sister, -Godawful writing.
Keeping It In The Family 4 brother/sister, voyeurism, masturbation -If you decide to dig this one out, character ages need adjustment.


Alien tentacle monsters and girls in tight space suits. I also threw zombie apocalypses in here.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Alien Invasion 5 alien, abduction -(none)
Android Training 2 train -Only one page written, not a lot to go off of. Not good writing, but not unsalvageable.
Another Beginning 2 space -Earthly apocalypse sends mankind fleeing to the stars.
Attack upon the world 15 alien, group -If you choose the male route, you get to make out with an alien chick as the world is ending. Choose the female route, and "Attack Upon the World" is merely a film you watch with your friends.
Avoiding the Dead 12 zombies -Has a few different setups for a pretty generic zombie-apocalypse story.
Hentasy-Fi12 fantasy -According to the first page of this stub, "This world is kinda a mix between Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and Hentai."
Hemlock, Mercenary From Hell6 bisexual -As much as the writing isn't perfect, I liked this stub. I would like to pick it up myself, but I can't tell what this character was supposed to be. A demon inter-dimensional traveler...? It's probably fanfic, but it doesn't have enough pages for me to discern.
Lana the Bounty Hunter 2 # -Lana, a bounty hunter, has to travel into a town run by scoundrels to hunt a particularly valuable head. In this city, woman visitors (like herself) must comply with any request made by a male of the city (only murder and thievery are off the table) and she must wear a provocative "female uniform" supplied by the town. The idea isn't so bad, but I found the writing so far to be bad enough to make up for any merit the concept may have.
Left 4 sex 40 zombies, rape, straight, gay -Left 4 dead parody. Your health bar is a 'cum' meter, and once you're emptied of cum, you become a zombie. Kind of a smart idea; it forces the player to pick less sexy options if they don't want to 'die'.


Stories that don't quite fit into the other categories.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Abuse My Wife 3 cuckold, abduction -(none)
Adventures of Jay 2 # -Some may say Jay's life is perfectly ordinary, but he knows otherwise (the "otherwise" part isn't written in yet).
Adventures of Naughtiness (German) 6 (German/Deutsche), toys -(none)
An Akatsuki Party 4 # -A game of hide-and-seek, where if you're found, you have to "snuggle" with your seeker for at least 3 minutes.
Alexandras Summer Vacation 3 # -Debated putting this in "Fanfiction" or "Sci-Fi," but it doesn't really fit anywhere. I can't tell what's going on in this story.
An Amazing Night 3 toys -The first page is interesting, the rest is generic.
The Amazing Race 4 # -Funny redlink character options.
Anxiety and sex 8 shemale, masturbation -(none)
Asa, Boy Pervert 8 gay, exhibition, masturbation, small dick -Ages need adjustment.
Award Night 1 # -Doesn't really belong in the "Adult" section.
Calláte, Cariño (Shut up, Honey) 17 # -You move from California to Puerto Rico to teach English at an all-girls school.
Cannibal Adventure 7 vore? -You and your ship full of beautiful women wreck on an island inhabited by female cannibals.
Coming Home Early Has Benefits?! 2 masturbation, toys -You catch your wife cheating on you with a dildo.
Dark Mansion 1 # -Just a title page, no narrative.
Date Night - A Dating Sim 3 # -(none)
doctors 7 # -Ages need adjustment.
Dog Tales 3 bestiality -(none)
Double-Blind Desire 5 mind control, drugs -(none)
Drivers' Education 6 exhibition, masturbation -18 year old slut in driver's ed looking for dick.
Erotic Adventures of a Gentleman Spy 18 bisexual, straight, gay -A Victorian era spy has a surprising number of sexual encounters. Hard to tag this one-- plenty of gay sex, but setups for straight stuff too. The player character, however, is sexually attracted to both regardless of reader choice. Grammar is good, and tone feels fitting.
Errands 7 # -(none)
The Ever Changing World In Which I Live 12 # -The kind of CYOA that has a 'kill yourself' and 'restart' button on almost every page.
Everything goes including your clothes 6 # -Strip trivia. For every wrong answer you lose an article of clothing.
Forced: Audrey 10 rape -You know, after reading so many of these, I've noticed a common character archetype. This is the epitome of that archetype.
Gray Matter8 # -Has "compelling" plot twists like the room changing shape.
For Fuck's Sake5 gay -Straight and incest potential in the redlinks. But it isn't written yet.
High School Story 5 # -(none)
Hit And Run 6 # -Survive a hit and run.
Ideal 4 # -Build your ideal girlfriend (your only choice is one of three hair colors. If only real women were so simple...)
Item stories. 6 # -Claims to be a "test of intellect."
Kayla's Adventures: Party 10 # -(none)
A Year of Humiliation 5 # -Innocent girl who's "saving it for marriage" is forced into various suggestive situations.


I had these stories sorted into the other categories, but I felt that they deserved a home of their own. All of these are acquired tastes, though "fetish" may not be the right term.

Story Pages Tags Notes
Accidental Piss Lovers 9 watersports, anal -(none)
Archie comics vore 10 vore, mild scat, shrinking, fanfiction -People eat you (one of the Archie characters) until you get digested.
Dementa 7 rape, necro, snuff -In Azincourt's own words, "[A] sexualized survival horror story[.]" Pretty heavy stuff. --Actually near completion. Only found one red link, so any adopter wouldn't need to write much to finish this one out.
The Dentist Appointment of Urethral Agony 3 necro -No urethral insertion yet. And no dentist appointment.
A job at the bodypainting place 9 paint -Somebody really loves body painting. By no means a bad premise for a smut filled CYOS, but the execution ruined it.
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