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Temporary Jobs of Smutty

I'm working on one of the Smutty temporary jobs that Anedwcan suggested on the temporary job talk page. I might pick up another one later, but I'm currently on "Work as a pest control technician for Pestless Spirits, specializing in humane cockroach extermination." If you've read Arthur Saxon's "Saxon's Folly" (see, please have a look at what I've got so far and let me know if I've desecrated his concept. I've taken some creative liberty with Pestless Spirits, but I'm not sure if I've gone too far or not far enough.

I've kind of taken a break from this. I'll get back to it later. Probably.


Smutty Sex Romp

Total contributions (?): 69,495 (100%)

Platypus' edits: 42,276 (60.8%)

Anedwcan's edits: 5,168 (7.4%)

Teejay's edits: 4,269 (6.1%)

From a random sampling, I found that each page of Smutty Sex Romp has approximately 160 words (not counting options at the bottom, templates, or categories). That makes Smutty Sex Romp nearly 3 million (2,902,720) words in length. To put that into perspective, the longest english-language novel ever published (A Dance to the Music of Time) has only 1 million words.


Total contributions (*): 26,344 (100%)

Platypus' edits: 9,079 (34.5%)

Teejay's edits: 3,301 (12.5%)

Yihman's edits: 2,021 (7.7%)

Rampage articles are on average longer than those from Smutty Sex Romp, and clock in at about 270 words per page (using the same counting method as for Smutty). Rampage is around 1,100,000 words in length, having a greater word count than the entire Harry Potter series (which has 1,084,170 words).

So I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of these numbers, but the percentages and word counts are probably very roughly correct. I've used 'contribution' and 'edit' interchangeably, neither of which necessarily indicate page creation. I'm not yet sure how to go about searching for the number of new pages each contributor is responsible for creating.

Let me know if anyone thinks of another large contributor. These are just a few names I saw often while scrolling through the xml files.

(?): I've gotten this number from ctrl-f searching the xml files. Because of the way large xml files display (in Notepad ++ at least) this is likely close to double the number of actual contributions (the reason it's odd is because the doubling doesn't happen consistently. Very small files have no doubling, where very large files do). This doubling won't affect percentages as much though, so those are probably close to accurate. Additionally, this number doesn't include contributions from IPs, though the IP contributions are negligible (probably just over 1% of all edits).

(*): I have the same issues here. I don't know why I keep seeing doubled up contributions inconsistently (Platypus, Yihman, and Teejay somehow have odd numbers of contributions despite the doubling). Again, percentages are probably more accurate than the numbers.

As I back up other stories I'll add more 'statistics.'

Chat Thing

This was Completionist's idea. An anonymous chatroom accessed through the link. It's faster than writing back and forth on talk pages I suppose, but nobody has used it (Durzan left a message before, more than a year ago, but seems like he's it). Thought I might link it here anyway.


Any contributions I make are available under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) where applicable and unless otherwise specified (

Or, y'know, just cite my username and this website if you have a mind to move anything I've written somewhere else.


I shamelessly "borrowed" the nice border example from this page on Wikipedia ->



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