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Story Number Of Pages Notes
Mage Games (Gay Fantasy) 31 (Public)
A Magician's Journey  ? (Public)
March of the Dark Elves 44 (Public)
Marion 4 (Public) (French Story)
Marmota Nights 150+ (Do Not Edit)
Mars: A Chronicle 3 (Public)
Marvel Erotic Universe 50+ (Public)
Masked Crimes 13 (Do Not Edit)
Mass Effect: Normandy Nights  ? (Public)
Mass Effect: Operation EDI 4 (Public)
Mass Effect: Sex Edition 19 (Public)(, but please have prior gaming knowledge of the Mass Effect series)
The Master's Mansion 17 (Do Not Edit)
Masturbation 0 (Private)
Medieval Adventures 13 (Public), bad articles will be removed.
Medieval Fun 14 (Private)
Medieval Kingdom 0 (Public)
Meet'n'fuck Beach Vacation 34 (Public)
Meet the Kirks 7 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 2/14/2014, only 7 pages.
Megan (An Exercise In Violence) 24 (Do Not Edit) Complete.
Melanie and Michael 14 (Do Not Edit)
Merit Badges 10 (Public)
Messaging Sarah 30 (Public)
Middle School 26 (Public)
Millennial High: Freshman Fun 0 (Do Not Edit)
Mind Control 28 (Public)
Mind Controller  ? (Private)
The Mind Controlling Device 36 (Public)
Mind over matter 0 (Do Not Edit)
Minnesota 0 (Private)
Misfortunes of an Asian College Girl 18 (Public)
Mistress Of Satan  ? (Public)
Mom Cooks You Dinner...  ? (Private), but send a message if you have suggestions
Mom's A Drunken Whore  ? (Public) A mom is turned into a whore for her son and his girlfriend - 1 ending
Moms can be bad  ? (Public) (I welcome you to add to this story i hope to see what you all come up with)
Monster Girl Adventure  ? (Private) (for now, add your content to the suggestions page) First Character Arc! PM with any questions/suggestions.
Modern Family 0 (Public)
Most Lore-Friendly Story In Existence  ? (Do Not Edit)
Morning Deshmukh  ? (Testing.)
A Mother's Love 7 (Public) ((Edit However You Want But It Must Stick To The Incest Pattern)
The Morning After  ? (Public)(read the rules for posting!)
Mutiny  ? (Public)
My kind of Neighborhood 49 (Public)
My Little Neko  ? (Private)
My Mom Is A Shemale  ? (Public)
My next door neighbors  ? (Private)
My wish 4 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 9/11/2013, only 4 pages.
My Worlds 2 (Public)
Mythical Adventure 23 (Public)
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