The Mind Controlling Device

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This story is now open for continuation. Please don't edit existing pages, unless you find grammar mistakes or misspelling (I'm not an english native-speaker) or have something absolutely awesome to add to a page.
Also please try to keep the narration consistent, e.g. Timmy is a little boy with pretty much no sexual experience in the beginning, so he won't go and ass-rape people right away - seeing a naked chick is already pretty awesome for him (for starters).

It is early in the morning and the fresh air feels amazing as you breath it in. Summer is nearly here and you enjoy the fact that you can walk to the mailbox without having to put on three layers of clothing. You open the mailbox and peek in, but there is nothing inside. "Damn", you think, as you close it again and walk back towards the open front door of the house you live in with your family. What you were looking for in the mailbox was the new book from your favorite author. It just came out and you can't wait to jump into a new world of thrilling adventure. But as it didn't arrive today, you'll have to find yourself something else to make your day a little less boring at ...

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