My Little Neko

From Create Your Own Story

"And its raining again, fuck." Steam escapes from your mouth with a hefty sigh, its the fourth day in a row since the sun last came out. The muggy winter weather always has a knack of pissing you off, every day is cold and wet, and frankly your sick of it. Pulling your jacket closer to your body you try and keep the cold out and the heat around you, last thing you need is a cold.

With the sun already set you find yourself following in the shadows between the street lamps, you often wished you had moved down south away from these cold wet streets but money is hard to come by and even harder to hold onto. "Freaking Hilliary... said she would make the economy better, my ass." You scoff as you place a cigarette in your mouth, lighting it up you take a long drag letting your thoughts drift on your way home.


You almost missed it, the faint sound that wafted in the breeze. Pausing in your gait you wait and listen, not quite sure of what you had just heard. Waiting a moment you give a gentle shrug thinking it was nothing more than the breeze playing tricks on your tired brain.


There it is again! You whip around with a flash of your pocket knife, having no idea of what the sound could be you take caution; the streets weren't as safe as they used to be and you'll be damned if your gonna get robbed.

"N- Nya!"

The sound comes out once again but this time a voice follows it.

"Shut up you till freak!"

Up till this point you weren't sure of what was happening but from what was just said you know someone needs help. Following your ears they guide you towards a nearby alley, usually you stayed clear of such places but this was different circumstances. Pressed against the nearby wall of a building you slowly slide over to the lip of the alley way and peer into its depths. You find yourself having some difficulty to see what's happening, all that can be made out in a man standing over a small figure as they shield themselves with their arms, strange welps come from the cowering person's mouth, sounding quite odd from what you would expect from a person.

Do you:

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