My Mom Is A Shemale

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Jamie Black, you are an 18 year old boy who lives with your mother, Erin Black, age 40. You were raised in a privileged household by your mother's vast inherited wealth and never wanted for anything. The only real problem you faced growing up a pretty, popular, rich whiteboy was that your friends were infatuated by your mother. And who could blame them, your mother was and is absolutely gorgeous with her gorgeous curvy body, ample breasts, long black flowing hair and supermodel good looks that made her look closer to 25 than 40. Any time your friends came over they would spend most of the time ogling her, it became so common you began to just accept it as normal and began caring less. However, spending so much time in a lust filled environment centered around your mother led you to also develop very wrong feelings about her as well.

For four years now she has been the only woman you fantasize about and you've actually become quite protective and obsessed over her. So much so that it has distracted you from other important activities such as graduation, partying and fucking girls the same age as you who aren't blood related. It's got to the point in your mind you just want to fuck her so that you can move on with your life.

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