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Dezzren Kaelis arrived at Corm an Varden four hours early in the hopes of being the first to come in the new mage's ass. He stood just inside the gates, leaning against the stone wall and enjoying the last of the fall sunshine as it slipped toward the sea, picturing the prize and imaging the sweet taste of victory.

Zeth, the newest addition to their little clan, was a mere twenty years old--almost unheard of for a recognized mage. Dez had been nearly thirty before he was allowed before the Council, but he didn't have half the talent of this kid. He knew it, and unlike some of his more jealous and vindictive compatriots, he wouldn't hold it against Zeth. Use it against him, maybe, but his wasn't the envious sort.

Brushing a loose wisp of black hair back out of his green eyes, Dez straightened up as the other mages began to arrive. Most barely spared him a glance; he wasn't very powerful, after all, but a few stopped a moment to talk before continuing on their way. It was almost two hours before Zeth appeared.

The boy was neither tall nor muscular. His skin was fair, his brown hair shoulder-length and pulled back in a tight braid, much like Dez's. His eyes held the perfect blue-gray of the sea on a cloudy day--you could almost feel the storm gathering as you looked into them. Perhaps it was no coincidence that he'd been named the Storm Mage. Zeth was, in all, a delicate looking young man with a strength that could be felt, though not seen.

Dez knew he wasn't especially attractive, though by no means was he ugly. He just sort of was, and that rarely bothered him. This, though, was one of those rare occasions. He strode out to meet Zeth, at the last minute trying to decide what he should say.

"Good afternoon, Lord Chorel," Dez said with a slight nod. "Good to see you again." This was Zeth's second conference--for a mage's first conference, he only had to watch. For the second, he had to participate. Zeth seemed very aware of this fact.

"Get away from me," he said, walking past Dez. "You'll have to wait and take your chances just like everyone else." It seemed he wasn't the first to approach the young man. But he wasn't giving up that easy. He chased after him, several different plans beginning to form in his mind. He could make threats, try to scare Zeth in letting him be the first, or maybe bribe him, offer him a favor in exchange. Or he could try persuading the kid. Maybe if Zeth heard how gentle he could be, how well he could please a lover, he might change his mind.

Dez should...

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