Medieval Adventures

From Create Your Own Story

[This game has large qualities from Fantasy Life]

You live in the fine land of Reveria. The land is divided into 5 kingdoms, each controlling one landscape.

The Kingdom of Cast, controlling the flay, grassy plains. Cast constitutes of the Castle, where King Arron rules from, and a town with surrounding countryside.

The Kingdom of Gelam, ruling the icy mountain peaks. Gelam is concentrated in one large town near the base of the mountains, with scattered camps and villages further up.

The Kingdom of Sitate, in charge of the dry, rolling desert. There is one large Palace for the Emperor, and towns around each oasis with large expanses of empty desert between.

The Kingdom of Lignum, hidden in the mysterious forest. Three main villages make up the bulk of the population, and each has a representative that form a Council to rule. Small camps can be found in the forest, as well as many dangers.

The Kingdom of Marem, controlling the coast. The only large town of Portia that runs up and down the coast allows for much of the trade, ruled over by a governor.

It is now your 19th birthday. As a male, you are expected to choose a Craft. This Craft is your job. Each Craft has a Master to teach you when you begin. Today you head to the Office to choose your Craft. You rush along the busy streets bumping into people. Right as you get to the Office you spot yourself in a window and pause. Your brown hair is messy, and you do your best to tame it. You look at your body. You're lean and fit, but not particularly strong. Your face is young, and rather handsome. You are clothed in a dirty white shirt, some slacks, and a leather vest that ties it together. For a few years you've been looking for a decent, pretty girl, and looking into settling down, but no one has come to your attention. A years and two months ago you left School, free for one year before taking a Craft. Now that years has passed, and you can hardly wait. You rush along the last street and bust through the doors.


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