Misfortunes of an Asian College Girl

From Create Your Own Story

Play the life of Audrey Li, a typical, young Asian college girl with not-so-typical sized breasts. Naive and at times annoying, she has a knack of getting into trouble, especially the kind that leave her panting and screaming with pleasure... whether she wants to or not. Decide who gets to play with her, your choices decide her fate. One thing's for sure, she's not leaving college a virgin.

It's 7.30 in the morning and the alarm clock blares. Audrey stirs grumpily from her sleep and turns the alarm off. Wearily, she rubs the sleep from her eyes. A whole night fraught with homework and assignments had left her dragging herself to bed at 4 in the morning. Soundlessly she gets up and notices her roommates were all still sound asleep. She sighs and heads to the common bathroom of her wing of the dormitory for a quick wash-up. She stayed in one of the dormitories of the college, most of the students did. As she brushed her teeth, she checked her reflection in the mirror. Her reflection showed a rather petite, thin girl just about 5 feet 2". She had a typical Asian-girl face with small eyes and dimples on her cheeks. She looked cute in a nerdy way, but what really caught anybody's attention were her breasts. They were large, unusually so for someone her size, sagging a little under their own weight. They were also the source of most of the attention she had been receiving from guys since her puberty started, and everything she ate went to her chest. However she had no idea that her boobs were the cause for all the attention, sweet little girl. She thought most guys were just friendly.

After washing up she heads back to her room and opens her cupboard to decide on what to wear for the day. She hated the college's dress code on formalwear during class hours, they were so uncomfortable. The weather seemed cold, this meant the lecture halls would be colder with the non-stop air conditioning. She slips into a pair of slacks and a...

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