March of the Dark Elves

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This story doesn't take place in any established universe, but assume the basic clichés about fantasy creatures until they are 
Feel free to add to this story, but make sure to keep the dark atmosphere.  
Also feel free to give feedback, especially if something is hard to understand. This is a big story where a lot of things get 
introduced so I´d be especially interested in hearing if people have a hard time understanding the plot.

== March of the Dark Elves ==

Prologue: The Hunt

You reach down and dip your index finger into the wetness stuck to the grass. You then pull it back and watch the sticky fluid drip back down to the ground. Then you bring the finger to your nose, smell its scent, and then taste it.

You stand back up and turn to your fellow huntresses. All twelve of them standing ready at your command.

"It´s fresh, they are close."

"What direction high-huntress Daine?"

You stretch upwards, standing on the tip of your toes and smell the wind. The scent is there, you point in the direction and say. "Move."

The Drow huntresses sprint past you. Before following them you take one last look at the big, round shining orb in the sky. Although you are trained to feel no fear the golden lamp unnerves you. There is nothing like it in the underworld, no light to match its power. You move, sprinting after your servants, but the warmth of its rays still linger on your back, it´s presence ever watching. You ignore the light, and sprint to the front of your group.

Your group left the Underdark for the first time just a day ago to be part of a raid into surface-elven territory. A raid which you are the co-commander of.


The trail leads to a grassy hill overlooking your victims. Two lone surface elves, naked and leaning against a lone stump on a small plain next to a shimmering blue river. They are softly touching themselves as they kiss and cuddle lazily but with much passion.

"At last, our first prey high-huntress Daine!" Spouts your second in command Minvir. You all take a hard look at the targets. It´s the first time any of you have seen free surface-elves before.

"But look at them high-huntress! What weak, pathetic love-making! If that´s enough to get their cunts drenched then I´ll rape them until their holes are gaping and bleeding!" Your huntresses Kris speak in your ears. Hearing her words you reach out and grab her by her white hair.

"Not so fast slave" Her eyes burn as you give her one of the foulest of insults. "I am the high-huntress, so I get the first spoils of war. Now get in position." You release her and she suppresses her rage.

You take a closer look at the surface elves. They have all the characteristics of the elven tribe that inhabit this area. Their bodies are sunbathed, but not of the subterranean darkness that you or any of your sisters possess. Their hair is dark brown, thick but straight, and ends just below their shoulders. Eyes are the same color as their hair. And while Dark elves can have any breast-size, this tribe's udders are generally large, not wondrously melon-sized like yours, but bulging out nicely on their tiny frail frames.

Another huntress whispers in your ear. "But high-huntress Daine, this infernal light, are you sure it´s safe to make battle under it?"

"Cease your cowardliness or I shall have you flogged, Rainye! It has done nothing to us yet - it´s powerless, like the slave-gods our enemies worship. Now get in position!" You yell at her.

The huntresses scatter and crawl across the grass, moving slowly to form a circle around the prey. The happy, frolicking young girls have no idea what danger they are in. Crawling closer the scent of their lubing fluids drills into your nostrils, watering your month, and make you blood stir in arousal. You raise your hand and signal the attack. "KIAAAAHHH!" Your huntresses scream as they sweep across the plain, jumping at the lovers and pinning them down to the ground. Quickly they strap their hands together behind their back using harsh, sturdy rope. The surface elves are to surprised to even put up a fight or scream in terror.

"Gahh! Who are you and what are you doing! I demand that you release us at once!" One of the captured women screams.

"Oh no Junia look at them, they are Dark Elves!" Her lover tells her.

"No, It cannot be! It´s impossible! Your kin are banished to the underworld!" She speaks in disbelief, then she turns feisty again. "Release us, release us at once!"

You stand up smugly overlooking the catch. The other huntresses continue to pin down the captives. The girl demanding release stares at you hatefully, most likely not comprehending what you can do to her.

"Release me I said!" She repeats, only louder.

"Don´t agitate her Junia," the other surface-elf says to her lover and then turns to you with pleading eyes, "Please spare us, we won´t... we won't say a thing!"

You smirk at them, feeling your sexual desire rising, "Get the feisty one in position." You command your servants.

"Stop! What are you doing!?" The huntresses lift her up then turn her around, her attractive naked butt facing you. They force her legs apart, making her take a wide stance. Then they force her upper body to bend down all the way until her head returns to the grass. Her tanned butt cheeks now spread, making her pink pussy and puckered anus stare right at you. Although she struggles the huntresses keep her in position, and with her arms tied behind her back there´s little she can do. Yet she continues to fight them.

"What do you intend to do with her?" The lover says, now with tears in her eyes.

You stand there smirking at them, not moving a muscle at all. Yet still standing perfectly still, a bulge begins to form against your tight, leather hunting-pants. It struggles against the restraints and grows. Knowing what´s to come your huntresses watch with wicked enthusiasm. The surface girls watch on in confusion and awe as the bulge grows even larger. Their wide eyes cannot fathom what could possibly grows inside your pants. You are a woman, with full tits, an ass as firm as rock, and a dark face chiseled to feminine perfection. But still the bulge struggles violently against the tight hunting-pants.

Slowly you reach down to undo the sole button holding your pants together. Your slim finger sets the restrains loose. The girls watch with mouth wide open as your pants spring loose and a huge, muscular, vein-covered, menacing-looking, jet-black cock explodes out into the open.

"No, No it cannot be!" The restrained, bent-over girl speaks loudly in awe, her brown eye almosts bulging out of her eye sockets.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh!" Her lover screams in terror.

The huntresses laugh hysterically at the girls terror. neither expects this, but there really is a fat cock sticking out from your groin, you really are a female Drow spotting a male member where your pussy should be.

The cock pulsates out in the open, the blood filled vessel stirring at the sight of the naked girls. It´s a proper male cock, a huge set of balls, a rigid shaft covered in bulging blue veins, and a gigantic purple-colored cockhead circumcised and dripping out pre-cum to lubricate the head.

"Blasphemous, unholy, fiend, a... a sin against nature!" The cocky surface elves says, her voice shaking from fear.

You are a rarity, the best of both genders, commanding the power and cunning of a female with the impregnating abilities of a male. You belong to a kin new in the Drow society, a superior being, a woman with a man´s cock. The cock is also significantly larger than any other member of the elven race, there isn´t a man who can match the sheer girth or length of your menacing prick.

"let me go, hmmm!" The girls panic and struggle to get free. The resistance is barely an annoyance to your well trained huntresses. They watch you and the girls with great anticipation. Huntress Minvir asks you, "So which hole do you want High-Huntress Daine, the ass or its pussy?"

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