Merit Badges

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You sit down with all the other girls, wearing a tight girl scout outfit from your elementary school days, the blouse stretching around your well developed 16 year old chest. The leader of the group, with a sash full of merit badges, begins to speak, "There are only five rules in the slut scouts."

"One, only virgins are accepted. Two, you earn merit Badges through various sexual acts, as defined by the guidebook. Three, the type of Badges you earn determine your Path. The number of Badges you have, along with your Path, determine your Rank. And lastly, Everybody ranked above you is your superior. This includes all men. And you must obey every command given to you by your superiors"

When she finishes the rules, a naked girl is lead out on a leash, stamps resembling Merit Badges covering her body. "This girl has taken the Blue path...leading to a life of submission, losing rank with each badge she earns.

After the meeting is over, you glance through the guidebook, picking out a few Merit Badges to earn first. However, you can't find any information on paths. Maybe it was determined by the types of badge you earned?

Heath Virgin Merit Badges:


Rank Newbie
Path None
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