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Hello, my name is Icarus Dragon and I am the creator/writer of Marmota Nights.

What is Marmota Nights? It's a sex game based on the idea that you re-live the same day over and over (think Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Source Code). It's themes are fantasy, time travel, incest, rape, prostitution, domination, happy sex and whatever else I can think of.

If these things offend you or if you are underage: DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. THIS IS COMPLETELY A WORK OF FICTION.

Some options that are not going to be in the game are: Futanari, gay/lesbian-ism, heavy gore/vore, lolicon and heavy scat. Not that there's anything wrong with those fetishes, they just don't interest me that much and I will not be focusing on them.

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What I have planned is further down. An entire town's worth of characters have been conceptualize, I just need to organize and write everyone down. As I've said before, it may be a while before this is playable.


11, September 2015 UPDATE

Hello and thank you for reading Marmota Nights. I know it's been a while since I've updated this story but I have not stopped working on it. After having written over 150 entries, it became increasingly hard to know where I left off, making it incredibly time consuming in that I'll have to re-read story branches over and over to find my place. I spent months trying to build my own engine and after I failed, researching a suitable engine. I settled on Quest and spent even more time incorporating the story into that engine and writing more stuff. I have renamed and re-released the story. The new name is Sex and Sex Again. You can play it in it's still incomplete form if you're so inclined and give me feedback @ There are links for forums where you can join in a discussion about it too.

  • Characters list -

James Jones - 44 years old, Attorney
Judy Jones - 42 years old, Housewife
Fred Jones - 24 years old, College Dropout
Abby Jones - 22 years old, College Student
Kelly Jones - 18 years old, High School Student
Kevin Jones - 18 years old, High School Student


  • What's planned -

You will be playing as one of the twins, Kelly or Kevin. You've died in your time line and for some reason or another, you've been transported to your teenage self during the summer before college. There's going to be some resemblance of logic in the story that requires careful choices and what not.

The structure that I've settled on is a four phase system. Where the first phase is the first day, second phase is the second day, third phase is a couple of months and fourth is an immeasurable amount of time. During each phase, more options are unlocked because of gained experience/knowledge. Phase 4 is going to be the most chaotic because your character will have god-like powers by then.

What I eventually want this to be is an rpg-esque game with stats, powers, time travel and whatever else I can think of. I do not know the limits of the wiki yet, but do not believe it's possible to do that all here, but we shall see.

More to be added.

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