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What does it take to make someone go crazy? Does it take torture, merciless beatings and other violent acts? Or does it just take a few cruel words that hit someone in just the right spot to push them over the edge? "Crazy" is one of those terms that differs from person to person. In Megan's case, it's a combination of a little bit of the two. Abused at home and tormented at school, she just barely makes it day-to-day with the help of the only person who cares about her, her friend Vanessa. Vanessa was there for her all day, stood up to her tormentors, and was always a shoulder to cry on. At school, the two were inseparable. Out of school, they were there when the other one wanted to talk. However, this morning, when Megan woke up, she felt different. She felt that nothing mattered any more, that nobody actually did care about her, not even Vanessa. This warm and sunny Saturday morning she made one last decision.

She was going to murder Vanessa.


Or perhaps you've been here before and would like to skip to the carnage...

Before you begin

On any page where Megan can kill Vanessa, there will be three levels of severity marked by color and text. Green "Make it quick" text will cause Megan to kill Vanessa quickly and with the least amount of pain. Orange "Make it good" text will cause Megan to kill Vanessa a little slower, and more violently. Red "Make it brutal" text will bring out the worst in Megan, causing her to get ultra-violent and cause the most pain to Vanessa before killing her. Remember that she only has one chance to kill her. Should she save Vanessa the pain or let her suffer like she has?

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