Monster Girl Adventure

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You pause to the blindly harsh sunlight. The day is cool yet sunny, with a gentle breeze running through the air.

As you stop your momentary appreciation of the nice weather you take in your surroundings.

You find yourself in...

Want to contribute? Send me a message and you can pitch ideas, but I'm going to much less inclusive than otherwise with this story in such an early stage. Also recruiting a spell/grammar/unclear wording checker. *Contributed ideas here

Lore notes: While this story isn't set in any particular world, it is heavily influenced by settings like Monster Girl Quest, and the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, as well as classic D&D. Story will include death by snu snu as well as the more mundane kind. I realize this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'm going to try to write in a large variation (eventually) of sexy times. While the world may not remain consistent, certain characters and encounters will/may be used multiple times throughout the story. (For now,, give me time to work up a base of encounters until the style of fighting, decisions, and direction are apparent.) Feel free to add new quests and encounters to explore, but try not to create dead areas with no solution.

Great websites for writing inspiration are The 'Monster Girl Quest wiki and Monster Girl Encyclopedia wiki as well as the writer Manyeyedhydra for erotica and Bad ends.

Bynote, this story will use a class system. Because I don't want to muck around with the status system, a class will be chosen early on and certain duplicated encounters may use an option with...

_-Mage-_     _-Fighter-_     _-Rouge-_        OR   _-Warrior&CompanionA-_    _-Rouge&CompanionB-_  etc examples. If you cheat and click on a choice from the wrong class, don't be mad when the story has no idea who you are

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