Mind over matter

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Over the years you looked just like everyone else, you went to school, ate the same lunches as everyone else and lived as everyone else did with little thought to your ordinary life. It wasn't till a few weeks ago that a latent word emerged from inside; mental powers beyond anything you could have thought possible where at your whim.

Life continued as normal for some time, no one gave you a second glance as you hid the talents away from haunting eyes, if anyone where to know of that which you held inside who knows what might come of it.

Yawning with arms stretch high above your head you fall lazily back into the soft plushie like couch; a normal start a weekend for you, when class was out and there was nothing worth while to do other than sit back with chips and watch mind numbing television for hours on end. This morning like any other you found yourself awaking up on the couch, you bed hardly saw any use with the largest T.v being in the living room, it is your domain. Rubbing your eyes a tingling feeling brushes in your pants, glancing down from the corner of your eye your morning friend seems to have been more active than you have today; a typical morning. You find your mind is a fuzz earlier in the day, feeling as though your trying to swim through mud, even trying to lift something as light as a pillow proves difficult but you manage to float the remote into your hand with a grin.

Buzzing filled the air as the Tv turns on with a click of a button, time to let the brain rot away and flop around the house till the sun sets.

"Morning." A quite voice fills your ears from behind, jumping with shock you fall back into the couch knowing the familiar voice that is your younger sister Shara.

Shara has always been on the short side of the family, shimmering red hair, and a decent body for someone who is only 15. Every once and awhile you would find yourself eying her supple round ass and B-cup breast under her shirt but after all she is your sister.

Do you:

Mental Powers Equipment
Mental Skill Level 1 Nothing
Mental Power 100%
Mental Condition Perfect
Health 100%
Condition Perfect
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