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A collection of links to newspaper articles, radio and TV reports and other documents relating to the implementation of Modernising Medical Careers.

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Documents, videos etc

Recruitment to specialist training: a resource guide for selectors

Information Commissioner Enquiry form . for use if a request for information under the DPA is refused

London Deanery DPA requests


17 March Protest Demonstration

24 May 07 Judicial review decision

Submissions to Tooke Review

Royal College Statements

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

15 May 07 Update on MTAS: Bulletin – 11 May 2007

02 May 2007 MTAS update

E-mail Announcement: Wednesday 21st March 2007

Royal College of Anaesthetists

18 May 07 Open Letter to Secretary of State

RCoA Statement 23 March 07

RCoA Statement 04 April 07

Royal College of Surgeons (Eng)

25 May Email to members re withdraing from review

22 May 07 College Response to Remedy UK’s Judicial Review

03 May 07 Modernising Medical Careers: a response from two Presidents of The Royal Colleges

27 April 07 Email To Members and Fellows

03 April 07 RCS statement

RCS Statement 23 March 07

Royal College of Physicians

09 Oct 07 RCP comment on Tooke review of MMC

Jun 07 The RCP submits evidence to the Independent Review of MMC

17 May 07 Email to members and letter to Secretary of State

03 May 07 Modernising Medical Careers: a response from two Presidents of The Royal Colleges

05 April Presidents update on MTAS

RCP Statement 23 march 07

RCP Presidential e-bulletin: 15 March 2007

RCP Statement RCP wrongly accused of trying to undermine Remedy UK march 19 March 07

RCP position on MTAS/MMC 17 march 07

Email to members :MODERNISING MEDICAL CAREERS 15 March 07

Statement re MTAS/MMC 2 march 07

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Further MTAS Update - 4 May 2007

20 April 07 Letter to Deputy CMO

MTAS Update - 23 March 2007

MTAS and Selection of Trainees to our Specialty - Letter to Fellows and Members 12 March 2007

Email - 2 March 2007

Email - 1 March 2007

Royal College of Pathologists

17 May 07 Government review of Medical Training Application Service

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Press Release 30 March 07

President's Message 23 March 2007

07 March 07 Press release

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

11 May 07 MTAS statement from the Chairmen of the BMA and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

23 March 07 Medical Training Application Service (MTAS) further statement on the review of recruitment and selection for specialty training

7 March 07 Statement from Professor Neil Douglas, Vice Chairman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

7 March Trainee Group Press statement

6 March 07 Press Statement

5 March 07 Press Statement

Royal College of Ophthalmologists

4th President's Statement on MTAS (23 March 2007)

Statement on the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS) No 3 (19 March 2007)

Statement on the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS) No 2 (12 March 2007)

College statement on the problems of the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS) - 7 March 2007

Royal College of Psychiatrists

16 May 07 The Royal College of Psychiatrists welcomes the Government’s decision to abandon the MTAS process

20 April 07 College Officers’ Respond to MTAS Selection Process

20 April 07 Letter to Deputy CMO

College of Emergency Medicine

Faculty of Occupational Medicine

25 March 2007 Faculty issues press statement regarding MTAS

Royal College of General Practitioners

16 march 07 Royal College of General Practitioners shows solidarity with junior hospital doctors

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

02 May 2007 MTAS update

20 April 2007 Letter to Deputy CMO


July 07 PMETB submission to Tooke Review

02 Jun 07 Times letter

19 March 07 PMETB statement on MTAS

13 March 07 A review of MTAS and selection: PMETB Principles for entry to specialist training

Deans and PGIs, Groups of Doctors and others

18 May 07 Association of British Neurologists Update on ST3 appointments 16th May 2007

15 May 07 Offers for Northern Deanery Applicants

06 May 07 MTAS: National Poll rejects single interviews, and calls for Consultant boycott

04 May 07 Eastern Deanery Email Re: Interview Panels for Core Surgical Training – Urgent Request

27 April 07 Association of British Neurologists Trainees

25 April 07 From Worthing Hospital Royal College of Physicians College Tutor and Colleagues to the KSS Dean and Lead for Core Medical Training


20 April 07 British Cardiac Society

13 April 07 Association of British Neurologists (ABN) Position Statement

13 April 07 Statement from Worthing Consultants

04 April 07 Prof Heards' resignation letter

31 march 07 letter from MMC student advisor to CMO

16 March 07 MMC Student Advisor: resignation letter

30 March 07 Prof Crockard Email to CMO

29 March 07 Psychiatry Training Committee Statement

29 March 07 Mums4medics email to GMC

26 March 07 Letter from Guy's and St Thomas' Trust

26 March 07 British Association of Otorhinologists - Head and Neck Surgeons email to members 26 March 07

23 March 07 Wessex ST1 competition ratios

22 March 07 NHS West Midlands Workforce Deanery Briefing Note

22 March 07 Brtish Orthopaedic Trainees Association

21 March 07 Responses of BAPRAS Members and Trainees to the MTAS System

21 March 07 the Lancet:Modernising Medical Careers, Medical Training Application Service, and the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board: time for the emperors to don their clothes

20 March 07 ST3 Neurology: London/KSS

15 March 07 Welsh Consultants Committee

16 March 07 British Thoracic Society

March 2007 London/KSS

5 March 2007 West Midlands ST3 Appointments Committee

5 March 2007 Association of Surgeons in Training

March 2007 Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland

Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland

Association of Surgeons in Training

St Marys Hospital

Chairs, W Midlands ST3

North West Plastic Surgeons

North Central London School of Anaesthesia

St Georges Consultants

An open letter to Patricia Hewitt, DOH,MMC, PMTEB,Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

letter - Scotland CMO to MPs

Asssociation of Anaesthetists

July 07 Letter from President of AAGBI

July 07 GAT letter to Tooke Review

Letter to Professor Neil Douglas from GAT


Question Time 4 May 07

Question time 4 May 07 excerpt

BBC Online

see also videos

08 Oct 07 Doctor training 'overhaul needed'

31 July 07 Warnings as junior doctors start

21 May 07 Doctors - a profession on the edge

20 May 07 BMA chairman quits in letter row

18 May 07 PM 'must act' in medic jobs row

15 May 07 Doctor application system ditched

28 April 07 Doctors call for Hewitt to resign

27 April 07 PM 'must act' over medic training

26 April 07 Doctor training 'security lapse'

26 April 07 Doctors' job website is suspended

23 April 07 What could jobless doctors do?

20 April 07 Rescue package for doctors leaked

16 April 07 Junior doctors lobby at Stormont

04 April 07 Doctors training crisis 'averted'

03 April 07 Hewitt apology for training chaos

22 March 07 Doctors abandon talks on job row

17 March 07 I'm leaving the NHS for New Zealand

17 March 07 Doctors protest over recruitment

17 March 07 Junior doctors protest over jobs

17 March 07 BBC video news report

10 March 07 Doctors' selection system changed

09 March 07 Doctors' selection system changed

07 March 07 BBC breakfast interview

06 March 07 Review into doctor recruitment

02 March 2007 Jobs protest planned by doctors

29 Nov 2005 Student doctors say many may quit

BBC Radio

02 March 07 Radio Cornwall Laurence Reed show

02 March 07 Radio4 You and yours

07 March 07 Radio Cornwall Laurence Reed Show


24 April 07 Trainee doctors 'will go abroad'

5 Feb 2007 Junior doctors fear for jobs

Channel 4 News

25 July 07 Johnson: recruitment reform bungled

17 July 07 Fears for Doctors

27 June 07 Junior doctors' contracts extended

19 May 07 Hewitt 'misled Commons' over MTAS

15 May 07 Doctors' online system scrapped

14 May 07 More problems for MTAS?

14 May 07 Channel 4 news -MTAS disaster (video)

04 May 07 NHS hit by further IT chaos

26 April 07 More NHS security flaws

24 April 07 Doctor website scandal: how did it happen?

24 April 07 MTAS Privacy Cock-Up (video clip)

20 April 07 Junior doctors to work overseas?

17 March 07 Junior doctors in jobs dispute

Sky News

20 May 07 Chairman Resigns Over Doctors' Row

24 April 07 Doctors' Bleak Job Prospects

10 March 07 Medical Recruitment Crisis

The Lancet

01 May 07 All the Presidents Men

24 March 07 Modernising Medical Careers, Medical Training Application Service, and the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board: time for the emperors to don their clothes

17 March 07 MMC: mass medical culling

Hospital Consultant and Specialists Association

23 MArch 07 HCSA pledges further support for trainees

BMA Scottish Consultants Committee meeting

18 May 07 BMA SCC resolution 18 May 07

British Medical Association/British Medical Journal

18 Mar 08 Government’s response to the Tooke inquiry into Modernising Medical Careers (Editorial)

09 Oct 07 BMA comment on Tooke inquiry into medical training

22 Jun 07 The British Medical Association’s Response to the Sir John Tooke Modernising Medical Careers Inquiry

04 Jun 07 An open letter to the medical profession

26 May 07 BMA chairman resigns over MTAS letter to the Times

20 May 07 Mr James Johnson is resigning as Chairman of Council

18 May 07 Update – latest on MTAS and judicial review

16 May 07 High court examines MTAS fiasco

15 May 07 MTAS abandoned - BMA press release

15 May 07 A letter to all junior members, 15 May

14 May 07 MTAS Statement from the Chairman and Deputy Chairmen of the BMA Central Consultants and Specialists Committee (CCSC)

11 May 07 MTAS statement from the Chairmen of the BMA and Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

05 May 07 We are alive and kicking and have upped our game (BMJ letters)

13 April 07 Medical Training Application Service (MTAS) and annual leave for consultants

07 April 07 The royal colleges must up their game—or die

19 April 07 Letter to MPs from BMA

19 April 07 Independent review of MMC confirmed by the Government

16 April 07 Government must not allow doctors' careers to be ruined, says BMA leader

13 April 07 Joint message from Chairman of Council and BMA craft committee chairs about MTAS

04 April 07 BMA responds to new junior doctor recrutiment and selection proposals

30 March 07 MCC head resigns

23 March 07 BMA Scotland Press Release: Junior doctor recruitment system

23 March 07 BMA junior doctors leave talks on recruitment system

10 March 07 Junior Doctors call for immediate inquiry into training chaos

09 March 07 MTAS - Change to Round One process announced

06 March 07 Letter to Secretary of State (Dr Jo Hilborne and Dr Jonathan Fielden)

06 March 07 Review of flawed recruitment process welcome but does not go far enough

27 Feb 07 BMA Press Release

Department of Health / MMC team

Sep 07 MMC Consultation Document

03 Aug 07 Review of the Medical Training Applications Service and Selection Process 2007

22 May 07 Letter to Applicants - issued 22 May 2007

18 May 07 Email : Update to all Deaneries - Very Important

16 May 07 Latest Guidance for Applicants - issued 16 May 2007

15 May 07 Written Ministerial Statement

01 May 07 Statement concerning Website

27 April 07 Statement on MTAS issues

23 April 07 Tooke review terms of reference

NHS Employers briefing for opposition day debate on modernising medical careers on Tues 24 April 2007

MMC Press Release 4 April 07

MMC Statement for Consultants - 4 April 07

Email from MMC - 23 March 07


Written Ministerial Statement Department of Health 13 March 07

DoH email 13 March 07


DoH Press Release 16 March 07

8 March 07 Prof Crockard email Re: Independent Review of Recruitment and Selection Process 2007

Scottish Executive/NHS Scotland

4 May 2007 Scotland announces job offers scheme

30 March 2007 Modernising Medical Careers In Scotland

Open letter on medical training 16 March 07

Northern Ireland Executive

5 April 07 NIMDTA Statement

Houses of Parliament (Hansard)

24 May 07 Ministerial Statement

Modernising medical Careers Debate 24 April 07

Medical Training Application Service 1 May 07

Health Select Committee

Memorandum by Work Psychology Partnership (MMC 52)- written evidence

Members of Parliament

Patricia Hewitt | Baroness Finlay | Dr Andrew Murrison | Lord Hunt | Andrew Lansley | Charles Kennedy | Norman Lamb | James Plaskitt | Richard Bacon | David Lidington | James Paice | Dr. Alasdair McDonnell | Michael Clapham | Dr Richard Taylor

Newspaper reports

Daily Express

20 March 07 9,000 Doctors may not get job

Independent and IoS

18 June 2007 Babies 'will be put at risk' as experienced doctors are replaced by trainees

16 May 07 Online doctor application system abandoned

29 March 07 These are dire days for young doctors

26 March 07 Appalling treatment of junior doctors (letters)

17 March 07 Self-promotion trumps hard work amid medical training chaos (letters)

05 March 07 NHS application system has meant job chaos for junior doctors(letters)

Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph 2 March-10 March

09 Oct 07 Online system for junior doctors scrapped

09 Aug 07 Sir Liam Donaldson must resign, says BMA

06 Aug 07 Junior doctors: the future of the fiasco

13 Jul 07 The new system has forced us to work hundreds of miles apart

13 Jul 07 What will happen to 13,000 jobless doctors?

02 July 07 I believed I had no future as a doctor

23 Jun 07 Fiasco over recruitment leaves doctors suicidal

19 May 07 Hewitt 'misled MPs' on junior doctor fiasco

19 May 07 Do we pay our doctors too much?

16 May 07 Hewitt shouldn't have the chance to resign

16 May 07 Hewitt admits defeat on doctors' job fiasco

16 May 07 How we broke the story

12 May 07 Recruitment fiasco critics sent 'gagging order'

07 May 07 Trust me, I'm a junior doctor: Don't give up hope

05 May 07 Hewitt is not what the doctors ordered

27 April 07 Security lapse in junior doctor jobs website

25 April 07 Junior doctor 'shambles' could force thousands overseas, warns BMA

17 April 07 Hewitt apologises over training chaos

12 April 07 Jobless doctors 'to be shipped overseas'

31 March 07 Prof Alan Crockard's letter of resignation

31 March 07 Expert in charge of doctors' jobs fiasco resigns

30 March 07 NHS training boss reported to GMC

23 March 07 Doctors' training system is plunged into new absurdity(letters)

22 March 07 Pressure on to scrap recruiting process

20 March 07 Hewitt admits online job applications confusion

19 March 07 It makes us so angry, such a waste

19 March 07 This is a fight we cannot afford to lose

18 March 07 Doctors chaos 'is worst crisis to hit NHS'

17 March 07 Doctors condemn 'degrading' training reforms

17 march 07 Doctors training system at 'breaking point'

16 March 07 Doctors' training debacle and the destruction of a profession ( letter)

16 March 07 Angry doctors to march over selection crisis

16 March 07 Medics are all there is to love about the NHS

15 March 07 Blair's parting gift: more doctors for fewer jobs

12 March 07 I wouldn't trust this system to select someone to water my plants

12 March 07 Hewitt told 'a year ago' about likely crisis over doctors' jobs

11 March 07 A bungled reform a day keeps the junior doctors away


Guardian/Observer 2 March-10 March

09 Oct 07 What Tooke so long?

09 Oct 07 Training overhaul blamed for junior doctors fiasco

08 Oct 07 British medical graduates may be given priority on jobs

07 Oct 07 Inquiry raps doctor training reform

02 Aug 07 Row goes on as 30,000 doctors start new jobs

25 July 07 Botched operation

12 July 07 £2m cost of doctors jobs system

11 Jun 07 We need a national outcry

24 May 07 Hewitt vows to learn lessons from junior doctors chaos

23 May 07 Junior doctors lose court fight over jobs

21 May 07 Doctors chief quits over training fiasco

16 May 07 Hewitt abandons doctor applications system

16 May 07 Hewitt backs down in junior doctors row

16 May 07 We'll see you in court

14 May 07 Doctors seek judicial review on job selection

27 April 07 Exit wounds

27 April 07 Medical leaders should take a stand (letter)

26 April 07 Junior doctors' personal details made public in website blunder

21 April 07 Jobless junior doctors may be offered VSO work

5 April 07 Job deal fails to placate junior doctors

29 March 07 A medical game show

19 March 07 When gold won't buy quiet

18 March 07 Doctors march in row over training reforms

15 March 07 Specialist training for junior doctors is still a lottery

The Times and Sunday Times

06 Jan 08 Junior doctors in jobs scramble

06 Aug 07 Respect doctors

01 Aug 07 Cut through the fog of doctor training fiasco

27 Jul 07 Hundreds of doctors work with no checks

24 Jul 07 Is it worth going into medicine?

06 Jun 07 Junior doctors (Times letters 06 Jun 07

04 Jun 07 An open letter to the medical profession

02 Jun 07 Junior doctors (Times letters 02 Jun 07)

28 May 07 Junior Doctors (Times letters 28 May 07)

26 May 07 On her last legs, but still standing yeah yeah yeah

22 May 07 [[Health Department �broke law over doctors� job test scores�]]

17 May 07 Junior doctors

16 May 07 [[Ministers cave in over junior doctors� job computer system]]

14 May 07 Doctors' job system 'has failed at all stages - and its review is a fiasco too'

14 May 07 The Times (letters)

4 April 07 Time to junk the appointments system for doctors

31 March 07 [[Fiasco over doctors� jobs forces head of training to resign]]

21 March 07 Young doctors (letters)

11 March 07 [[It�s enough to make any doctor sick]]

09 March 07 Growing boycott of 'flawed' recruitment

07 March 07 Health chiefs retreat in row over training for junior doctors

07 March 07 All trained up, nowhere to go (letters)

06 March 07 Promotion scheme in chaos as surgeons quit �unfair� interviews

02 March 07 Trained young doctors condemned to the scrapheap(letters)

Financial Times

It is again time that Sir Liam steps down

By Jo Hilborne

11 Aug 07 It is again time that Sir Liam steps down

07 Sep 07 A terrible way to treat our doctors

Daily Mail

08 Oct 07 Government ignored warning of ward chaos

31 Jul 07 Fear of hospital chaos as 30,000 doctors start new jobs...on the same day

20 May 07 BMA chief resigns in junior doctors computer fiasco

16 May 07 Hewitt abandons hated doctors' online application system

24 March 07 The flight of the junior doctors

09 March 07 Interview chaos forces a U-turn over doctors (DM)

08 March 07 Government braced for mass revolt over 'shambolic' recruitment for junior doctors

07 March 07 Anger of the junior doctors left jobless

06 March 07 Doctor recruitment system 'fatally flawed'

The Herald /Sunday Herald

09 Oct 07 Working towards a medical crisis

22 Jun 07 Junior doctors: new system leaves careers in chaos

26 May 07 Outrage at another jobs fiasco for junior doctors

20 March 07 Blame for fiasco of doctor training

17 March 07 Doctors protest at reforms that ‘could jeopardise patient safety’

16 March 07 Doctors’ concerns are taken very seriously and Junior doctors let down by selection shambles (letters)

15 March 07 Most doctors despair of applications process

15 March 07 Rift over junior doctors shake-up

14 March 07 A close-up view of the stress and suffering (letters)

13 March 07 Modernising Medical Careers is going smoothly (letters)

12 March 07 Doctors to march in battle over jobs

12 March 07 What ails our Doctors (editorial)

11 March 07 Junior doctors deserve better than this

06 March 07 Chaos forces review of junior doctor recruitment

02 March 07 Chaotic changes affecting junior doctors (letters)

The Sunday Post

17 March 07 Angry doctors may go overseas

Reuters UK

23 Jun 07 Last day for junior doctor job offers

This is London

10 March 07 Interview chaos forces a U-turn over doctors

03 March 07 8,000 junior doctors 'might have to go abroad for work'

Medical News today

2 March 07 BMA Scotland Welcomes Scottish Efforts To Support Junior Doctors Applying For Specialty Training Posts

The Scotsman

19 March 07 Junior doctors raise funds to challenge MMC system

10 March 07 Climbdown over NHS jobs for junior doctors

07 March 07 Review of doctors' recruiting process ordered

07 March 07 NHS doctors "in despair" about career prospects

3 March 07 Total Mayhem In Online Medical Training System

Liverpool Daily Post

15 March 07 Mothers in fight for doctors’ NHS jobs

06 Aug 08 New Junior Doctor Recruitment Scheme slammed by NHS Trust

8 Mar 07 Selection 'farce' could result in doctor exodus

10 Mar 07 Climbdown in junior doctor row

10 March 07 Government backdown on junior doctor system

21 April 07 Jobless Doctors To be sent abroad

20 March 07 MMC: More Medics Cock-ups

13 March 07 Hewitt under Doctors orders

06 March 07 West Mids Doctors Boycott Job Interviews

03 March 07 Spamalot Comes To City Hospital

British Journal of Healthcare Management

20 April 07 British Journal of Healthcare Management 2007 (13) 120-1

Belfast Telegraph

16 April 07 Docs to meet MLAs over job loss fears

31 March 07 Fears 400 Ulster doctors may be jobless after new shake-up

Other websites

123doc MTAS course End this madness

Mangling Medical Careers

IT links

2 March 07 itpro Computerised medical recruitment system criticised

02 March 07 e-health-insider Junior doctors say training website is in 'pandemonium'

06 march 07 Doctors slam 'shambolic' new government recruitment scheme for junior medics

07 March 07 Review of new recruitment process is a whitewash, say junior doctors

12 March 07 Government backs down over NHS online application system


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