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The Charas Forums are the main area where all communications is done among the members. It is divided into six boards: TEST & WELCOME BOARD, Projects Discussion, Charas Project Extra Stuff, Programing and Web Developement, Off-Topic, and Teams. In this page, you will find a small amount of information on each board, as well as a brief history and a current staff list.


The TEST & WELCOME BOARD is very self explanatory. It is diveded into two forums: Forum Rules and Test & welcome board.
The Forums Rules forum is a list of all rules that the members are all expected to follow and a Mod Activities Log File.
The Test & welcome board is essentially a place to post "Hello" and "Goodbye" threads, but can also be used to test random things (I.E. Test). It is also used to post threads wishing other members a Happy Birthday.

Projects Discussion

Just like the forum as a whole, Projects Disscussion is divided into six separate forums: Charas Project, PUB (PHP Über Board), SEER (Simple Engineering Environment for RPGs, Charas.EX, Offline BattleChar Generator, RPG Maker Programming, and the secret Private Forum.
The Charas Project forum is used to discuss the Online Character Generator that has made Charas-Project so Famous. It contains FAQs, explanations, and complaints or problems about the generator.
The PUB (PHP Über Board) is the forum which discusses the open-source PHP system designed by Steven Rombauts (De KoFfie©), used by the Charas Forums. It contains old threads about the "Current Version" (which is an outdated thread now), and several questions about the system.
For SEER, see SEER (Simple Engineering Environment for RPGs.
The Charas.EX forum is used to answer questions and discuss the offline version of the Charas Generator.
The Offline BattleChar Generator is yet another generator used to, you guessed it, generate Battle Character Sets. This thread contains download links, updates (outdated), and questions about the program.
The RPG Maker Programming forum is used to answer questions members might have about programming a certain system for the RPG Maker Project. This forum is closely related to the Tutorials forum in the Off-Topic board.
The Private forum is the forum you will never really know about unless you are staff. PWN'D.

Charas Project Extra Stuff

Quite possibly the most used board, the Charas Project Extra Stuff board is used to discuss anything and everything dealing with RPG Maker 2000/2003/XP. Its forums include Resources, Requests, Gallery, Games, and Contests.
The Resources forum is used to post members custom-made resources for show-off. Most of the resources are in the complete Resources or in the Online Generator. The Requests forum contains thread upon thread upon thread of user requests, varying from character sets to MIDIs. Members should note that they should well acquaint themselves with the board an other members before requesting, otherwise their requests are most likely to be ignored.
The Gallery is a place for members to show off their semi-copyrighted resources to the forums. These resources are not commonly placed in the Complete Resources section, but some might be.
The Games section is where all the members' knowledge and ability of RM2K(3)/XP are put to the test. Projects are showcased and responses are always welcomed. Unfortunately, most games are never finished. There is also a Screenshot Thread started by member Ace of Spades.
Finally, the Contest forum is used to broadcast either staff or member hosted contests. Most current include the Smiley, Holiday, Winter Mapping, and Summer Mapping contests.

Programming and Web Developement

The most unused board, but very informative Programming and Web Developement board is used for obvious reasons, containing the General Programming, PHP, and HTML & DHTML forums.
General Programming spans from C++ to Perl and beyond. It contains tutorials and various questions.
The PHP forum is like the General Programming forum, except it covers PHP alone.
HTML & DHTML contains showcases of codes, tutorials, and various tests dealing with the language.


The most used board in the entire forum is the Off-Topic board. Spanning from useless information to current events, it's deffinately a good place to go if you want to post something dealing with nothing else related to the rest of the board.
It's too big to really summarize. It'll be left to it's own page.


The Teams board contains all the official Charas teams as well as a forum for Mini Teams. If you need a certain resource, you should go there, but many of the teams are "out of business."
The Mini Teams board contains small, unofficial teams that create specific resources for members. Some famous teams include The Resource Makers and the Map Makers.
The Community Contest Team was a team that was set up to create a community game using resource created by the team. It unfortunately failed and has not been touched in quite some time.
The Charas Project Official Magazine Team has been revived twice, both discontinued.
The Charas World Fan Kingdom Board contains user-created anything having to do with Charas. A most notbale one, [The Charas Song], was created by Wildguy3922. It contained various members and was very well animated. It was promised to be released with music, but never happened.
The BETA TESTERS' soul purpose was to beta test members' demos/games before a public release.
The Midi Makers is nearly dead, with carmen as the head. Carmen is never spotted anymore, so the team is presumably dead.
The Character Creators still might be alive, with very few requests being filled presently. It was headed by GhostClown.
Digital Gate Arts, run by gamerman4, is possibly the only official team still alive today. It's purpose is to create just about anything.
And last but not least, the Complete Resources Uploader Team was formed to delete stolen or double-posted resources in the Complete Resources. The team is mainly run by Warxe PhoenixBlade


A history of Charas is currently being compiled by Warxe PhoenixBlade and SaiKar

Current Staff

  • All Characters listed here are referred to by the forums under their power.

(Note that all current non-Honourary Moderators also have moderation power in the Junk Bin.)

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