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What needs to be done:

  • Get an article on the history of Charas; how/when it came to be, notable additions to the site, forum history, etc. I'm thinking we should have two different history pages, one for the site and one for the forum.
  • Articles on notable members: Alex, Gary, SMB, The Brave, etc. Forum members are lower priority.
  • Get rid of the need for Category:Articles in need of attention. In other words, clean up the articles in the Wiki.
  • Get some more admins for the wiki. Recommend them in the talk page.
  • History and information on the Generators, as well as a Generator FAQ
  • Random tidbits about the site and forum: stuff like All of All, Complete Resources, or List of Charas members that smell like cheese go here, but this stuff is lower-priority.
  • Change the color scheme of the wiki to match the site.
  • Get a better logo
  • Change our favicon. It is currently a notepad. It should be something cool.
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