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Welcome to the Charas Project Wiki

We are still working on setting ourselves up, so please bear with any messy formatting and such. If you want to help out, check the Stuff to Do and Pages We Need Made pages.

Wiki created January 15th, 2007.
Letter from the Admin
Don't forget to try to be at least partially neutral, speak in the third-person narrative, and generally clean up articles. Also, check out the new forum for discussing improvements to the wiki. Check it out here.

If you're signing up to this wiki, please use your forum member name. It gets too confusing when we have members with obtuse, unheard-of names.
- Management

Helpful and Interesting Links
Wikipedia Manual of Style - Shows some great ways to write a good article.
Wikipedia Editing Cheatsheet - Quick reference for Wiki markup.
Wikipedia How to Edit a Page - Much more detailed resource for editing wiki pages: Highly Recommended
Administive Pick
Every so often the admins will add a new page here as an example of a decent article.
The current pick is Charas Magazine Vol. I Iss. I

What is a Wiki?
A Wiki is like an encyclopedia that users can edit whenever they want. It allows for a universal knowledge on a subject that people can agree upon or take into consideration. Now Charas-Project has their very own!

The Charas-Project Wiki covers topics from specific members to the All of All forum. You can add your own member page and create articles dealing with the forum or the main website. Some of the most viewed articles include:
Useful Categories and Such
Articles That Need More Information - List of Templates - Charas Forums - Charas Forums Members - Charas Forums Moderators - History of Charas - Tutorials

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