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Throughout Charas' history, there have been many names that have attempted to disrupt the peace in the forums. While most of them do not succeed in that right, they do often create a hectic atmosphere, gaining the attention of many a member and making work for the moderators.

In chronological order:



A persistant pest whose FF5 chipset edits haunt complete resources.


For more information on this topic, see the main article: Kairou.

Once a moderator of the Charas Project Official Magazine Team. After the whole pop fiasco, he kept claiming that he was killed by pop, or that pop stole his soul, etc. Eventually, he lost it and posted a new thread in Test & welcome, where he revealed his password. This angered Alex, because kAiRoU was a moderator, and Alex didn't want any regular person to have access to a moderator account. Because of this, Alex immediately fired kAiRou from his position as moderator.

Not long after this, he began to spam the forums, mostly by copying large amounts of text from somewhere and then pasting them into new threads. He was banned shortly after. He later came back as Lighting Half Dozen, asking for redemption. Then he later came to be a quasisemiregular.

He is currently unable to log in due to losing his password.


pop was a friend of White Dwarf's who showed him Charas. pop then blackmailed White into making him an account. He decided that instead of contributing to the community, he would just spam the hell out of it. So he did. He was the very first person to be banned from charas.

It didn't stop there though. Afterwards, three other accounts were made, pop 2, pop3 and LloydBanks; pop 2 was banned for spamming, but pop3 wasn't as that account was never used. LloydBanks another account that was made as a threat in one of his AIM conversations in which he claimed in a classic and cliche villainous fashion "I am no longer pop, for I have ascended that name," bad spelling included. Later it was revealed that pop 2 was actually pop's younger brother, trying to make him feel better, and Apex made the third account, for the lulz. More on that, here.

Strangely, he shared an IP with Lord Raffles.


Some insane bastard who exploited a forum bug, making hundreds of topics. After he was banned, Alex made a few changes, including the 1 post per minute rule.

Later on, Osmose admitted to being Wahba, in conjunction with another member, Chaotic Paradox. Osmose claims that he did it to illustrate the glaring flaws in the forum system, and does not regret the security gained by the 1 Post Per Minute rule.

Lord Raffles

Main Article: Lord Raffles

Saint Lucifer

Saint Lucifer is probably the most well known of trolls, despite his moderately short stay. His trolling technique was rough and hard. He also holds the record for the fastest ban on Charas ever.

He used offensive language in hopes of looking big, yet only made himself look very, very small. ZeroKirbyX had a ball messing with him.

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