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Red Giant
Join Date November 14, 2003
Status AWOL
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Ex-All of All Moderator
Birthday March 19th, 1989
Gender Male
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He's English and hilarious.



He first came to Charas on November 14th, 2003. In order to find some time for myself I decided to search for service that could supply me with the prime quality custom essays at prices that would be reasonable enough. The final choice was bestwritingservice.Com as they did have an excellent reputation.


The Adventures of Red was a 161 part comic made by Red. It starred his character Red and his team of hired goons in their attempt to make an evil organisation. For the most part the comics were just unrelated punchlines, but later on a serious plot was developed. By the end, Red lost interest in the comic and so a lot of plots were left unfinished. He would also regularly cameo various Charas members who asked.[1] Many people then continued to make their own version of the comic, theillusivefish and White Dwarf for example.

Forum Gaming

Red was one of the greatest Charas Pub goers, appearing quite regularly until it was unfortunately deleted. His appearances died down after the thread was remade by Razor.

Red has made a few games in Forum Gaming, most notably the Pest Control RP, which generated 42 pages before settling in the depths of FG.


Orginaly Red Giant made a website for himself using, then making one for White Dwarf soon after, mostly to practise HTML, maybe hoast a game or so. Soon after Red and White desided to have a joint site, and soon after Red's farther "Black Hole" helped Red to make the site, It was originally used to host games and game resourses made by White and Red and soon after updated the site to host his comics. On the 26 Aug 2004 they made a forum, notoriously stealing quite a few of Charas' members.

During the third reconstruction of the site Red used the internet less and less, leaving an unfinished main site. Now run mainly by White Dwarf, and maybe Drace. The forum is still alive, though in need of members, about 7 people go there daily.


Red was made co-moderator of All of All along side Carmen at some point, but after a noticable period of absence, he was demoted on September 7th, 2005, and Carmen chose to moderate it alone.

Bizarre Troll Connection

On August 8th, 2005, Trevlac posted a thread regarding multiple IM conversations he had with who he thought was Raffles. In one of these conversations, the person Trevlac was talking with claimed to be Lord Raffles, Red Giant and later on pop as well. This thread was soon locked, but with many questions left unanswered.[2]

Later on, in the same day White Dwarf made a new thread to defend Red, claiming Red was in another country at the time. He also explained a lot about pop and his connection to Red, as best he could.

Originally posted by White Dwarf

First. About Pop, pop2 and pop3

Pop: This one would be my falt. Josh C is a boy from my class, we often went to the library together, but one day I was round his house. I went on charas. He started to ask tons of questions about it and finaly made me (Yes. made. he actualy used blackmail.) to make a new account, I made someone called Toxic (And for that I'm very sorry) We logged on as Toxic and I told him his way round charas. Then I desided to go to the library, I logged off Toxic and told Josh to wait for Toxic to log on, and told him when he does, it means I'm at the library and then to go to the library to meet me there. So I left the house with Josh on charas, and knowing how to make an account. I'm a fool. When Josh met me at the library computers, he had already made Pop, back then I dident care so much, so went on with what I was doing online. Leaving josh with 2 charas accounts. Pop and Toxic. When Red came down to my house one day, I met with Josh and we went to the libary, which is why Red me and Pop had the same IP adress once, this also happened a few more times, but I'm not sure how many. But now I have convinced Josh that he cant go back on charas. and so I'm sure this is the end of him.

Pop2: He was done by Josh's younger brother, Sam, Josh gets upset easly and so he always tells his brother about his day, Sam normaly helps Josh stay happy, which is why Sam, who is only 10, Made Pop2 to try and make Josh feel a bit better about being banned. It dident work.

Pop3: This was someone else, I know its not Josh or his brother. Because I was on the phone to Red once, and Pop3 added Red on Msn and started to talk to him, he told me so I got of the phone to Red, and phoned Josh, and Asked What Msn was, he said it was a virus and to ask him for help if i couldent sort it out myself, i hung up and re-phoned Red, knowing pop3 wasent Josh. (I also know as Josh doesent have Broadband so couldent have answered the phone if he was talking to Red on Msn.) But I dont know who it is. Sorry I cant help in this.

Ok, that's pop, pop2 and pop3.

Raffles. Is not Red or me, I dont know this one, I KNOW it's not Red as he wasent here for the last few days, he was in a different country, and away from a computer and as you know Raffles was IM'ing Davis the last few days.

About Red being me and me being Red, this is not true. Ok, Red made my account in the library with me sitting next to him, and on SS he made my profile as I dident have the internet at home and i had lost my library card. But i am not Red. When Red logs on right after me, or me after Red it's because we are family so we stay over each others houses alot. And so use each others computers.


Family on Charas

White Dwarf and Red are second cousins, Red is White's mothers cousin, via his farthers side.


  • Red's comics are funnier than yours!
  • Red's profile number is an anagram of Razor's favourite number.
  • Red never posted his picture. His real identity is known only to a select few.

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