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Birthday October 8, 1987
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Trevlac is an iron fisted tyrant from the Charas-Project website, an ex-moderator type member. He is known at Charas as The Executioner for his swift and decisive action taken against rogue spam threads on charas. Trevlac co-moderated the All of All forum with Reain_ during his time of power late 2004 through early 2005.


The Test

Trevlac was a non-renowned member until one fateful night in late 2005. A Moderator election was held for the All of All forum. After much voting and drama had ensued, Trevlac came out on top of the election and was granted moderation by Alex. However, the road ahead would not be an easy one for the new member. Apex hatched an evil plan to test the noobly Trevlac's worth. All of the current members participated in a large spam and flaming thread in which there was no recovery. Trevlac instantly locked the thread and was told he had "passed".

The Reign

Shortly after the test on Trevlac, a rogue group of charas members formed a secret organization with the sole priority of taking him out of office. They posted several spam threads to which Trevlac quickly and decisively shut down. Soon, however, the moderator began closing relatively normal threads and refusing to re-open them at the request of the community. This earned him the name The Executioner. Amongst waging a war on spam and all things useless, Trevlac and his co-moderator Reain_ also deleted a hefty history of charas in the All of All forum. It was their belief that it would "clean up the forum", but in fact it only further enraged the community and Alex.

The Fall

Trevlac's reign came to an abrupt end in early 2005 when SaiKar was newly appointed Administrator of Charas. A part of the community was pushing for Trevlac's instant dismissal from office while another part wanted him to remain a moderator since Reain_ had recently resigned for personal reasons. SaiKar decided that the best course of action was to fire Trevlac and it was done. Carmen and Red Giant took his place as the new All of All moderators with open arms from the community.

Mortal Enemy

It is said that the mortal enemy of Trevlac was Lord Raffles due to several occasions where Trevlac was pwned by this forum troll. It was not, however, released to the public that Trevlac was actually a friend of Lord Raffles (whos network of Charas friends extended far into the active members).

Later in Charas history, a member named Col. Mustard, who was believed to be Lord Raffles, donned the persona of the popular Cluedo character Colonel Mustard and Trevlac followed suit by donning the persona of Professor Plum in order to stop this evil murderous madman.


Trevlac is known for his disrespecting of the other Charas members. On one such occasion, Midnight had mouthed off repeatedly to members. Trevlac called her a bitch and shortly after, much drama ensued. He also went under the alias Koori_Ryu for a time and attempted to play as a female member. Ghost Clown caught him.

Current Status

Until Recently, Trevlac had been a forum phantom. He would disappear from Charas, reappear occasionally to disrespect a member, then disappear again. For now, it seems, he may have regained an interest in being a part of the community.


  • Ermac
  • Lord Trevlac
  • V
  • Koori_Ryu

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