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A double account is a second account someone may have as well as their first account. In other forums, these is commonly referred to as "alts". Double accounts are generally not allowed on Charas, though there are a few exceptions.


Reasons to have a double account

  • Forgetting the password to your original account. This is probably the most common reason.
  • Alternatively, remembering the password to your original account. This is much less common.
  • Wanting to start anew, without everybody knowing. This happens quite a bit, usually in n00bs who don't want to be tied down to their actions in their past.
  • Wanting a change of name, or wanting to fix a typo/otherwise unwanted text. This usually happens with older members. You'd think they would do something about it earlier.
  • Intending to spam, troll, or otherwise cause trouble.This happens more often than we would like, which is "not at all".
  • Just wanting to fool people into believing there's another different individual on the forum.

Consequences for being found out

Under the circumstances that a double account has been used to spam, or perhaps interact with the first account (in what some would call comical spam), and the staff find this out, the second account will usually be banned. Most of the time, if both accounts have a lot of posts each, the person in question will be given a choice of which account to have banned. Least likely, the person will be let off with a warning, and both accounts in tact.

More famous double accounts


Created after the spammer of the same name (see: pop), generally with the intentions to worry people that there was going to be yet another round of spamming. In the end, the account was never used.

  • pop3 was created by Apex.


Created for a release, maybe, and was used to spam by submitting a new thread, and then hitting back and submit again constantly. This exploited a forum bug, which resulted in over a hundred threads being made. wahba was banned, and Alex installed a new feature that limited members to one post per minute, in order to prevent that from ever happening again.


HTML is an amazing story, as he became an actual person in his own right. He was a regular for a while, until eventually he faded back into appearing only once in a while. Though many people enjoyed his general existence, years after his initial creation date, creator Kijuki let the world know that it was in fact him the entire time. In an unusual twist, even though Kijuki got banned after his turn, HTML to this day remains unbanned.

  • HackersTotalMassLaser was created by Kijuki.

Alex's Evil Twin Brother

This account was Alex's evil twin brother's account, complete with an INVERTED avatar and tagline "I am THE EVIL MASTER!!". He was pure, unadulterated evil.


The same person used both of these accounts actively in the past, but now only uses Shinotebasiiackh. Both accounts, however, remain unbanned.


Shortly after "V for Vendetta" (starring Hugo Weaving) came out in 2006, so too did this account. With his first topic called Mein Kampf (and the main body of text being the "you may call me V" speech), most people suspected it of being another Raffles account. Shortly after, the real creator admitted that V was he.

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