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Join Date January 2004
Status Three sided member
Position Senior Member
Charas-Project Wiki Member
Birthday September 19th, 1989
Gender Male
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Apex is best known for his Triangle Animations which usually are used as Avatars in the forum. He has made minimal contributions to resources, as he generally isn't skilled artistically, although he did place third in the third Charas resource contest for his Cigarette and Cigar additions.

Apex also popularized and coined the term "Charas Chat" by inviting three up to twenty Charas forum members into one MSN chat and allowed havoc to ensue. He is also known for hatching a lot of bizarre ideas and plans, such as tests for moderators such as Trevlac and plans to cause controversy for better improvement of the forum. All of his stupid plans were approved by Administrators and Moderators, and most of them were successful.

Notable friends. (No particular order.)

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