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Join Date July 2004
Status Active
Position Head Admin
Birthday March 7th, 1989
Gender Male
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Osmose is a Head Admin of Charas Project. He is usually referred to by his nickname, "Moose".



Early Days

Osmose first came to Charas after being disillusioned from programming due to a series of incidents at another game making site. He saw that Charas focused on spriting, and decided that he would practice his spriting skills for a while on the site. Most of his work during this period was not that great, although he did create much of the content for the FF5 style of battlecharas.

A Chance Meeting

Then-Requests-Moderator, Sai'Kar, created a thread offering to do a single battlechara, as he had stopped making them for awhile, and was quite famous in the community for his skill. By a stroke of luck, Osmose was the first to reply to the offer, and began a chain of private messages specifying what he wanted in the battlechara. To make things easier, they switched over to instant messager communication. This switch eventually led to a friendship which would later help Osmose attempt to sway forum policy and eventually aid in his attaining a moderator position.

Feud with Carmen

Around December 2004, Osmose began to make posts complaining about the then-moderator of All of All, Carmen. He accused her of locking threads unfairly, deleting posts, and brushing off any criticism without taking it into consideration. Although his efforts were not successful in rallying support against her, he would continue to hold the grudge and try to accuse her of being a bad moderator up until her demotion and afterwards.


Sometime during 2004, Osmose teamed up with Chaotic Paradox to create an account called Wahba. Using this account, he exploited a forum bug where the user could post, hit the back button, and post again to spam a forum full of useless topics. After posting a few hundred threads, he handed over the account to Chaotic, who continued to spam.

After a while the two stopped and attempted to act innocent. Unknownst to them, however, Alex had the site record the IP of whoever registers an account, and traced it back to Osmose. He PMed Osmose and generally told him off. He was generous, however, and told Osmose he would not punish him, after Osmose explained that his reason for the attack was to point out a glaring flaw in the forum's security. Whether this was the real reason or a convenient excuse is not known.

Chaotic Paradox, presumably not found out, dissappeared from the forums soon after and never returned.


2005 was an eventful year, that saw not many changes in Osmose himself, but rather the things he did. He was a major participant in the Rendersa RP in Forum Gaming, he created a webcomic based on forum events and the ridiculousness of some members, he created an issue of the dormant Charas Magazine Project in an attempt to revive it, and was one of the most outspoken members against Lord Raffles (although since the first incident he has taken on a policy of ignorance, refusing to post to or about him or anyone associated with him).

Throughout 2005 Osmose maintained his friendship with Sai'Kar, and several times suggested actions that he wished Sai'Kar to take now that he had been promoted to active administrator for the forums. Although few of these were ever fully executed, he had still become a sort of advisor to Sai'Kar, in much the same way Midnight was, as they were all close friends.


2006 was filled mostly with promotions for Osmose. At the beginning of the year he was promoted to the position of Programming moderator, on the condition that he would be considered for the All of All mod position after a month if he could manage the forum well enough. However, Programming rarely sees and posts, and any attempts to revive it failed. To make matters worse, Sai'Kar, now the active administrator, stated that he did not feel like appointing anyone as All of All moderator after the month had passed. In response to this, and in protest of actions by the staff concerning a troll invasion, Osmose resigned his position.

This did not stop his attempts, however. As time passed, his constant nagging, along with similar efforts by Midnight, led to the both of them being promoted to the All of All position. Osmose attempted to hold a more common-sense policy, refusing to lock threads that did not need to be locked, and allowing a change of topic, only stepping in to halt outright spam.

When Alex resigned as site head to focus on his personal pursuits, he appointed Osmose as the new generators manager, giving him the power to approve and deny resources for the generators, as well as create new generators, although access to site code was still restricted to Alex only. The option of choosing an aide for the generators was left open to Osmose, but so far he has not appointed anyone.


After the Forum Gaming incident, Osmose was given Global Moderator status.

Following Sai'Kar's resignation, Osmose, along with Razor, was promoted to Head Admin.

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