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Rendersa was a spawn of a popular forum game called Big Emerald. The game, originally created by Moiledzep, was altered into a serious RP by Weregnome and Razor.

The Story

The Story basically revolved around the idea of the Big Emerald being a almighty weapon. However, to control this weapon, powerful stones, known as Rendersa, were needed to power it. Various groups, created by Charas members, fought for control of the Emerald for whatever purposes.

The Characters and People

Weregnome and Razor - They used characters based on themselves. However, Weregnome had created another group of villians who were frequent in the series. However, Weregnome can only remember two characters, The Puppet Master and Cassdion.

Warxe PhoenixBlade- Warxe was the head of a group of characters called the "Table of One Wing", a bumbling motley crew of characters who attempted to take over the world with the Emerald's powers.

Osmose- Osmose had a small group of characters: Himself, and a crew of "Midget Engineers," modeled around short clones of Cid from FF4. Osmose himself was significant in that he had the power to travel through space and time (although with limited control on where he arrives), and that he had in his possession a book that recorded the events of the story as they happened.

It was later revealed that Osmose was on the run from the "Continuum," an organization shrouded in mystery. What little is known points to experiments with replicating Osmose's powers, and perhaps the creation of Osmose himself. Either way, the Continuum is ready to fight to get Osmose back.

Apex- Apex had a character which was continously pwned throughout the RP.

There could be more, but Weregnome can't find the thread :p

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