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Weregnome is a veteran of Charas Project. He is one of two Australian members and is commonly renowned for using 'm8'.


The Beginning

Weregnome joined in December 2003. Other than submitting resources, he did not do anything regarding the forums. It wasn't until his friend Razor wasa regular of the forum that he foined. Mind you, Razor is still irriated by the fact that Weregnome was a member earlier than him.


In Weregnome's earlier days on Charas, he contributed alot more than he does now (due to the fact that he is a lazy prick). Werengome started out in the glorious days on the teams, where he was an active member of Vicener's Character Pose Modifier Team. He also did alot of his own work which can be found in complete resources. Most of his work involved editing and poses.

In the beginning he also frequented in Forum Gaming. His largest contribution was making the popular Rendersa RP. With Razor, they altered the humourous and popular Big Emerald, created by veteran member moiledzep, into a serious RP. Osmose created a new thread for it, and it lasted for a long period of time. Unfortunately, it was reversed back to a comical state, with Big Emerald 2 being made.

Weregnome was also noted for being in the original Charas Pub and the new one. However, he did not participate for long on either.


Many clashes have occured since his time on Charas. The Bad Ass, MrMister has many time pwned Weregnome, even to a point of leaving for a week (yes, I hate admitting how many times he has pwned me).In early days of charas, a member named cyberninja clashed with Weregnome, but was seriously pwned into oblivion.

Best Associated Friends

He does have many more friends, but the list is very long, so etc will do.

Current Day

Today he is an All of All frequenter. He is very on and off member, due to work and social life.

Real World

Razor is his real life friend. They have combatted many foes together, even defeating a level 86 n00b.

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