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Join Date March 2003
Status Active
Position Test and Welcome Mod
Birthday May 6th, 1983
Gender Male
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MrMister is an egg from the Charas-Project website, a bad type thing. He is known at Charas as A guy. He also invented the Lute, and has eaten over 10,000 packets of beef jerky. He's husky

"I'm not gay, but MrMister is a sexy man. He paid my rent over 500 times."
~ Razor
"MrMister holds the record for the largest epeen in history."
~ Oscar Wilde



MrMister has gotten in trouble with the law a fewe (WHAT THE HELL?!) times. He totally has accidentally hurt Sai'Kar and Midnight over a million times each, and Osmose over 200,000 times.


In 2006, MrMister was made moderator of Test and Welcomes. Long overdue. It is foretold, that, being the greatest member of all time, that MrMister will one day be admin, and Sai'Kar will be his bitch. In February 2007, MrMister was made mod of All of All. However, he hasn't gotten very far in this mission.


On the 6th of April, after a lock battle with Razor over some new guy's thread (who had requested its lock), MrMister decided to leave, making a thread about how much he hates Charas.

The Pwner

The pwner is an identity that MrMister stole from an IRC buddy. When he dons the awesome indent, he speaks in ironic noobspeak, and 'pwnz noobs'. It's pretty awesome.

Being Ahead of the Curve

MrMister is world renowned for having his hand on the pulse of the community, unlike everyone else. This is how he exposed the world to Cave Story. Osmose owes his life to MrMister for this.

Some day, all of our grammar will be thrown out of the window. Be sure of it.


MrMister has many famous avatars. His first ever avatar was a penguin. Eventually he discovered the magical essence of the Magnolia. Many members know the magnolia as the egg. He always eventually returns to the egg, but periodically switches to other awesome avatars. His other avatars have included animated gifs of Slippy the Frog, Cactaur, and Super Human Samurai Cyber Squad. Now, he has some sort of deranged frog thing as his avatar. Huh?

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