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A Moderator is a rank on the Charas Forums. Typically, they have the power to lock, delete and move posts and threads in a specified forum; many moderators have more than one assigned forums. They generally have an orange name on the forums, although the introduction of colored names has changed this.



A moderator is assigned to a forum by the administrator or webmaster; typically, this has been through a vote in the Private forum, although there have been cases where moderator elections have taken place. Regardless, popular opinion has almost always determined the moderators chosen - this is seen as a mixed blessing by some.


Once assigned a forum, the moderator's job is to keep order in that particular forum. To this end, they have special "powers" that they can use at their discretion:

  • Locking and unlocking threads. This prevents anyone from posting in said thread, but does not delete it outright, in case there is a chance that the thread may be salvageable.
  • Deleting specific posts or entire threads. Post deletion is available to all members, but only to their own posts - moderators can delete any person's posts. This is typically used when the post is spam. Thread deletion is only supposed to be used as a last resort.
  • Moving threads. If a thread is made in the wrong section, a moderator can move it to the correct section. This can also be used to move locked threads to the Junk Bin.
  • Stickying and unstickying threads. "Stickied" threads always appear at the top of the forum page they're in, and are mostly reserved for rules.
  • Viewing the Private and Quarantine forums, which are both reserved for the staff only.
  • Using the IP Check tool. This can be used to check all of the IPs that a forum member has used in the past, and is useful for determining who has a double account.
  • Bonking members.


In addition, there is a rank above Moderator, called Administrator. There are three levels of Administrator:

Global Moderator

A Global Moderator is the lowest level of Administrator. They have access to all of the Moderator powers, but in every forum (hence, they have "global" power). Currently, the Global Moderators are Razor and Osmose.


An Admin has access to all of the Global Moderator's powers, as well as the ability to ban members, promote new moderators, and even delete members. They have a degree of control over the forum, and some have access to the site code as well. Former Admins include SaiKar and Kijuki_Magazaki, and both resigned their positions. The current Admins are Razor and Osmose.


The Webmaster has access to all levels of Charas, not just limited to the Forums; he can also edit the Generators as he likes. The current (and only) Webmaster is Alex.

Other types

Though not strictly "moderators", there are other ranks on Charas that are more privileged than standard members. They may or may not be simply symbolic.

Honourary Moderator

This is used when a moderator has resigned, but is still recognized as an important member of the community. These people can still view the Private and Quarantine forums, and also have access to the IP Checker and Bonk tools. The current Honourary Mods are Darkfox and Robotam.

Complete Resources Uploader

These people are able to upload and delete resources from the Complete Resources. Currently, the only Uploader is Darkfox, although carmen, GhostClown and Woundedgoat also have this power (despite their inactivity). They can be contacted in the Complete Resources Uploader Team forum.

Generators Manager

This group is able to upload and delete resources in the Generators, as well as create new generator sections and edit current resources. Alex, SMB and Osmose all have this ability, though only the latter is considered "active".


On the Charas Wiki, there are a number of people who have access to special page functions (protect/unprotect, delete, move). Known as Sysops, they are the equivalent of Global Moderators on Charas. The current sysops are Warxe, Osmose, Archem, Razor, Darkfox, FFL2and3rocks and Saikar.

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