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The Private forum is a secret forum on Charas where the staff meets to discuss major issues regarding the function of the site and forums and discuss plans for the future. Only Moderators or higher can enter and discuss issues in the Private forum. Being able to read the Private forum is considered one of the highlights of being a mod.

The drunken parties are highly exaggerated and only happen once a week, at best.

The Private forum is actually one of the best sources of Charas-related knowledge and trivia, since almost every major event (new moderator appointments, some trolls causing trouble, exploitation of a bug in the software, etc) has a thread and a discussion with no spam posts in between. Well, very few spam posts.

Topics in the Private forum used to have normal topic names, but after someone found that topic names show up in the Who is Online? page, topics were given nonsensical names to prevent the rest of the site to figure out what the staff was up to. Among the best are “Fluffy Kittens” (named by SaiKar), “YOUR FACE” (Warxe), and “The best freaking brownies you’ll ever make” (Razor).

You can’t read what’s in the Private forum. And you never will be able to. Nyah!

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