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Tourauds Warxe Shorus
Join Date March 2004
Status Active
Position Ex-Moderator

Wiki Sysop

Birthday July 26, 1989
Gender Male
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Warxe_PhoenixBlade, most commonly known as Warxe or Warxe PB, is a member of Charas Forums. Despite being "newer" compared to the older members, he is still a well-known forum personality. Formerly a moderator, he was exiled from the position following a gross misuse of his powers.



Warxe originally joined under the name odinthealmighty on December 13, 2003. As well as a doing a bunch of stuff like any normal member, he made the extremely popular "^ < v" game, which for a very long time was extremely popular. It is now dead, with a grand total of 136 pages. It should be noted that as of this writing, the next person to post in it is "a human oozinator", courtesy of Blaze Shinigami.

Odinthealmighty made his last post on February the 5th, 2004. By this time he had claimed he was going insane and had decided to leave, to the dismay of friends and Darkfox who was given some cryptic last words via AIM. His last visit took place later that month, on the 25th.

Rebirth. Get it? Cause his name is PhoenixBlade, and phoenixs are reknown for dying and then coming back? Ahh, screw you.

The following month of March, Warxe signed up as Warxe_Phoenixblade and began posting as if he were new. Later on at some point he began slowly telling people that he was infact odinthealmighty.

Around the Community

Despite his rocky start, Warxe has gone on to make a name for himself. He is known across the forums for his various contributions to Charas.

Forum Gaming

Warxe has probably made lots of Forum Gaming games. Warxe is one of the better posters in the Charas Pub, bringing many of his characters (and some that aren't) and injecting his own brand of humor.

RPG Maker

Warxe has been around the various incarnations of RPG Maker for nearly 3 years. Though he often claims to have coded spectacular systems, actual work by him is rare - however, he does seem to know a lot about the programs themselves, and often helps people out with their problems. He has also posted several tutorials in both forums.


Warxe was also somewhat famous for making a series of simple animations titled Warxe VS Zero. Most of these animations were lost, however, and attempts to revive it have been unsuccessful.


Warxe is also a spriter, evident by his large amount of submitted Battle Weapons - 189 in all. He also does custom charsets, and is one of the few who can create RTP-style Battle Characters. Currently, he is working on some new stuff, which he may submit later.


Warxe is known for his unique brand of humour. However, he is serious at certain times, and tends to give long-winded speeches about already stated or pointless topics. He also tends to be somewhat lazy. His reputation has severely plummeted after the aforementioned event, although he still remains at the forums.

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