Junk Bin

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What is the Junk Bin?

The Junk Bin is a place where most locked topics that bring some shame to the forum go. This was constructed sometime before Ghostclown and Carmen left Charas modhood, after their mass deletion of topics.

Rules of the Junk Bin

As every topic in the Junk Bin is locked, it is impossible to reply to topics in the forum. It is also against the rules to post in the Junk Bin and such an action will result in an immediate lock and/or deletion if necessary.

  • Why can't we post in the Junk Bin?

That's because the forum is strictly for topics that are locked. Itis used as storage to clear up some of the locked topics in far back pages of other forums.

  • Can we post spam in the forum? Afterall, spam is junk.

Most certainly not! Spamming is against the overall rules no matter what forum you are in.

Why are topics locked in the first place?

Topics are locked to prevent further posting in a topic that is either: 1. Really outdated, or 2. Against forum rules.

Most of these topics are then moved to the Junk bin to keep it from cluttering the unlocked topics.

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